Leggings are fabulous, and even more 80s fabulous when on chubby baby legs. I found an excellent, fast tutorial on how to make your own baby legs from adult socks. I was a little hesitant to make them, mostly because I didn’t think they would look that good without a surger seam. Fortunately I was wrong. They’re fast, easy and look great even with regular sewing machine seams. I’ve made 6 pairs thus far, and from start to finish, they take fewer than 5 minutes to make. Check out the tutorial HERE.

If you’re looking for more tutorials, check out my delicious.

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    1. "L" says:

      I could literally gobble her right up. TOO CUTE!

    2. Julia says:

      Oh my gosh. I love it! I can’t wait to meet her this weekend! And see you, too. :)

    3. Brooke says:

      She is so cute! I love her little legs. Her hair diddly is cute too. Did you make it?

    4. Emily says:

      She is to cute! I love her baby rolls, oh she is so cute!

    5. Natalee says:

      How cute is Penelope–she just keeps getting cuter and cuter. AND how genius are YOU!!! What a great idea!

    6. kamille says:

      such a cute idea! i am definitely making these for my baby. by the way, i am alexis rasmussen’s friend (her husband is my husband’s cousin). anyways, i have a blog where i keep design ideas that i find on the internet, and i just posted about this on my blog. i hope it’s okay if i used your baby’s picture to show what the homemade babylegs look like. i put a link to it. here’s the link:

      let me know if it’s not okay with you and i’ll take it off.

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