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Happy Half Birthday, Penelope. I’m very proud to say you’ve survived your first 6 months of life with little incident. You haven’t had a runny nose yet and you’ve only blown out one diaper which somehow got me out of some work responsibilities. I can’t complain. You truly are a fabulous baby and we love you more and more every day.

I have to admit, it’s been nice to find you in the same place we left you. No longer! You rolled over yesterday. Three times. I guess you’ve finally decided to move your chubby baby body. You’re also getting better at sitting up on your own. I think you managed to sit up for about 3 minutes yesterday! Solid foods have been the easiest thing for you so far. You’re a champ at eating peas (although not alone, yet), carrots and pears. You’re even trying to feed yourself. I can’t believe how grown up you are.

By far this stage is my favorite. I feel like I know you now. We’re friends even. Your mom and dad love you. A LOT.

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    1. Julia says:

      No runny noses? California must be good for her, then! What a darling baby. I’m glad you love her so much. What a beautiful tribute to your darling daughter!

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