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Last week was the fabmo distribution I found little hangers, which were probably used to hang fabric samples in design centers. They are much too small to hang a pair of pants, but perfect for un-framed artwork!

  • First, buy a couple of D-rings (don’t ask the guy at home depot for d-rings, he won’t know what you’re talking about, ask for “Ooks”) and some framing wire
  • Get a stud finder, screw the d-rings into the studs
  • Wrap the wire around the d-ring and pull tight
  • Hang your work
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    1. Jenn says:

      Melissa, thanks for your kind comment. :)

    2. Jenn says:

      Oh yes, and I’ve been an admirer of your blog for sometime. I love your books. I have come to appreciate book arts since my book design class in college.

    3. Jessie says:

      WOW Melissa! You are so incredibly creative. I just love your apartment! I want you to do a makeover on mine!!!

    4. Angie says:

      Save me from my ignorance. Read my last post and comment. Here’s the link:

    5. em bailey says:

      Miss you have always been non controversial, always the peacemaker.
      when i read your post yesterday it actually brought on alot of anger towards people and I wanted to let them know how I felt. I have strong feelings towards what you posted and when people were bashing what you and I botgh believe my rhr was probably the same.
      I know how you feel. I am still so glad you posted what you did. If only these other people knew what the consequenses of all this would be they would probably vote yes as well.
      sorry to bring this all up again but i have strong feelings about it

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