Penelope Update: She Gets Sweeter Every Day


I know she was cute and sweet from the very beginning, but it really has taken me this long to get attached. A couple of weeks ago, I was telling her, “I love you!”, I thought (pretty sure for the first time). . . I really mean this in that I-will-do-anything-for-this-child way. She truly is an amazing baby. Chris and I look at each other and wonder what it was we did to deserve this child. Probably nothing, and we’re infinitely in God’s debt for this one.

She’s nearing her 6 month mark, and isn’t showing any interest in rolling over or becoming mobile. [Thank you, Penelope!] She is interested in standing and sitting up. I really need to get  a baby swing. We’re working on that. She’s loving solid food, but hating peas. Why?? I got clever the other day and mixed a spoonful of peas in with the carrots. I could tell she knew something was wrong with the carrots, but she ate anyway. What a trooper. I’ll be posting more on the food later.

I’ve updated the PENELOPE PEARL page with the most recent batch of photos. One of these days I’ll get organized enough to post some videos. Enjoy.

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    1. She is getting cuter and cuter. I think you deserve her.

    2. Oh, and P.S. I thought about you just this morning, and I thought, “I should write her and tell her to post more pics of Penelope.” Thanks!

    3. Annie says:

      I love the finger in the mouth picture! What an absolute doll, she must be the best baby ever for you to have time for all of your great crafty posts. Keep it up Melissa!

    4. Steph says:

      Penelope is ADORABLE!!!! I can’t wait to see you guys in just a few weeks!!!

    5. Julia says:

      She is darling! Her big eyes and cheeks just make me smile. I need to meet her someday!

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