A Weekend Feast


I’m just getting busier and busier with every passing weekend. I am so thankful for all of the help I got last weekend. Chris was at a work retreat in Palm Springs, so I was flying solo with Penelope. I was a little frazzled at the thought of taking care of Penelope and cooking for a baby shower, and thankfully some really generous friends stepped in and helped with babysitting. I can’t describe how endebted I am to their help. Seriously. I’m truly grateful for such sweet friends.

I had a lot of fun “catering” (I hesitate to call it that, but I guess that’s what it was) this last weekend for a friend. I was really happy with how all of the food tied together and of course, tasted!

I made Natalee’s Curried Chicken and Squash Soup and Pesto Pea Salad (thanks, Leah, for the recipe!)

Spinach Dip and Bee’s Lemonwater

and topped off the meal with a Custard-Style Cinnamon Ice Cream.

.   .   .

Now that I survived last weekend, just two more months of busy weekends to go!

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    1. Ronda says:

      YUM!! That looks so good! I have been craving bread latley and I am so glad I now have a recipie for spinach dip to go with it.

    2. "L" says:

      yummy!!! I made that soup too and it was amazing!!!!!

    3. Brooke says:

      This looks fantastic! The recipe for that curried soup looks really easy and simple. Thanks for sharing it!

      You mentioned that you have two more months of busy weekends. What is going on in the next two months? Were you referring to the holidays?

    4. Melissa says:

      The curried soup is easy!

      So, between holiday parties, baby showers (like a bazillion of those), bookbinding and watercolor classes and Christmas presents; I’ve got a very long ‘to do’ list!! I’m really looking forward to January when I can relax and focus on posting about all of it!!

    5. em bailey says:

      Miss…I hope you get this thismorning. I posted somthing on my blog about you! Yes you. I need you to change somrthing on it. I put a pic down and I really want you to put that cute one of you and nelly p in black and white that is on your front page. I love that pic, you look gorgeous!

    6. Aaahhh… It has been way too long since I’ve had soup in a bread bowl. I put the ingredients for the curry soup on my grocery store list and can’t wait to try it. Thanks!

    7. Dan says:

      This is what I missed? Damn caltrain!!

    8. Melissa says:

      Thanks, Em, for the sweet tribute on your blog!!

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