Thanksgiving Recap


The Davies family invited us “Thanksgiving Orphans” for dinner yesterday for a gourmet, nontraditional Thanksgiving feast fit for kings. Maybe someday I can be as cool as Sheryl and Jason and make food like this:

[brusselsprouts & roasted sunchokes, roasted yams, creamy green beans–forgot the name, mushroom crèpes, potato and cauliflower mashed potatoes with blue cheese, lamb and cranberry-orange peel garnish]

Everything was so tasty, I ate seconds and wished I had enough room for thirds and fourths.

Good thing I didn’t go back for thirds, because I wouldn’t have had room for dessert. Again, a shame that I didn’t write down the names, I forgot what these dishes were called. Either way, they were delicious.

I’m a little occupied with expressing how phenomenal the food was, and it really was great. The company couldn’t be beat, either. I am so grateful to have spent Thanksgiving with such wonderful people. Thank you, Sheryl and Jason, for having us for dinner yesterday!!

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