Penelope Pearl is a D-O-L-L


I feel like all I do all day is talk about how adorable Penelope is. I think I say, “Penelope is so cute!” or “You’re so cute, Penelope!” about 46 times a day. It’s getting old. Penelope’s not. The novelty that is Penelope will never wear off. Although Penelope is getting old. She’s nearly 8 months now. I don’t feel like she’s approaching the year mark, mostly because of her lack of mobility. She enjoys staying put. Unless I’m in the other room.

I’m mostly doing an update because I want to show off how sweet Penelope is. We had a little photo shoot last week, and while I was photographing her I thought the photo-op was a complete failure, I didn’t realize how her personality would show through in the most adorable ways. I admit, I doctored them. You can tell. I’m in a vignetting phase and I like it. Maybe due to my lack of focus in my life, I want focus in my pictures. So here are the overly photoshopped photos. And maybe I should have washed her face before the photo shoot.

Click on an image to see it in full screen mode.

Also, The striped shirt was a 50ยข find at goodwill. I love it.

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    1. Amanda says:

      Beautiful! I’m jealous of the lighting in your apartment! Ours is so dark and depressing all day every day that it’s impossible to get beautiful inside natural lighting shots.

    2. Lili says:

      She is very adorable. :)

    3. Nicia says:

      Those are sooo adorable! I love her eyes! You really did a great job.

    4. angie says:

      You are so talented! These turned out great. She is so cute. I hope someday Mark and I get to meet her!

    5. Julia says:

      Um, yes, she is a doll, and you shouldn’t stop saying it. Never. My mom still tells me I’m beautiful and nothing compares to it! I’m so glad you adore your daughter.

    6. Stephanie says:

      Hey Mel!
      She is so stinkin adorable! Just so you know she is Patrick’s favorite baby, according to him. :)

    7. Nancy says:

      So fun. Way to do a photo shoot. I’m so jealous of all the light you have in your apartment. Ours is a CAVE! Thanks for posting and thanks for your comments on my blog. Makes ya feel good to get comments, n’ stuff.

    8. Melissa says:

      It’s funny, I took the photos out on our patio, so really these photos are outside, but we do have great lighting in our apartment. That, and the garage were the huge selling points on us moving there.

    9. em bailey says:

      MELISSA!!! SOOOOOO CUTE! LOVE THE PICTURES! Oh, by the way my blog looks awsome!!! Thanks babe, it is exactly what I wanted. Again you are the BEST!

    10. Tanya says:

      Penelope is adorable – such a little baby with so much personality! Thanks for sharing.

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