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I’m definitely a monkey see, monkey do-type person and unfortunately Christmas break wasn’t long enough for me to glean from my mother-in-law’s mad knitting/crocheting skills. Fortunately, the books she gave me teach to the lowest common denominator.

crochet washcloth

Here’s my first attempt at making something functional. A washcloth. Maybe I’ll make a uniform square next time.

I’ve really enjoyed learning something new, and while crocheting is new to me, it somehow reminds me of elementary school where my friend, Michelle, and I would sit at recess making scarves and bags from a square loom. I hope I’m not that awkward anymore. Thanks, Michelle, for staying my friend through all my weirdness. Oh gosh… remember SNEILAs? Oh gosh. Oh gosh. Who knew washcloths could be so embarrassing?!?

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    1. Heather says:

      Good job on the washcloth. It looks really good. I love to crochet, but I need to learn some new stitches and make some other than a simple afgahn and scarfs. I’ll have to use your idea of the cute loops around the washcloth.

    2. I just noticed that I never ever replied to this. Sorry about that. Yes, I remember. I have to say thank YOU for sticking with me, since I turned into such a jerk for a couple of years. Twice. I always loved you, I just didn’t know how to deal with things, and I’m sorry. I hope I’ve learned some good life lessons. Hope you’re well.

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