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love stationary

Using my spooky prints tutorial and Martha’s business card holder pattern, I’ve made a stationery kit to spread the love the remaining months of the year. And I’ve given it away.


This stationery kit comes with a leather pouch [7″ x 5 1/4″] with three heart cards, three “love” cards and six matching envelopes.


The pouch was made by cutting out leather from an old jacket & fusing it to polka dot fabric using ultrahold Heat ‘n Bond. I did a satin stitch around the edges for a more finished look.

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    1. L says:
      You’re just so good at what you do!

    2. Nicia says:

      You are so talented! Love all the stuff you make.

    3. Renee says:

      Wow! You have outdone yourself yet again Melissa! Maybe these will help me write cute notes for Britton like Chris seems to do for you.
      Also, congrats on the v-day craft contest!

    4. Caroline says:

      I found you through craftzine, because your tiddlywinks are awesome.

      I was looking through your old posts, and you are just so cool.

      I think I got a bit of a crush on your husband too, when I saw the Valentine’s cards he made.

      My favorite was the one that said “you are at least as attractive as her.” It made me laugh.

      I guess that might make me mean spirited.

      But, if it helps, I kind of looked a little like her in middle school.


    5. Michelle says:

      I got a rock for Valentine’s Day so I’m hoping to win this stationary set and write my husband a note after I take his credit card and go buy myself a purse. I think the awesomeness of the card will take away the sting when he gets the bill.

    6. Christina says:

      Another intriguing giveaway!

    7. Suzanna says:

      Good job! You are very talented!

    8. ikkinlala says:

      What a gorgeous kit!

    9. Brooke says:

      i’m always amazing by your creativity!

    10. Laurie says:

      Great Giveaway, did you make that Pouch?

    11. Kiley Smith says:

      Hi! I found your blog through Lee Neilson. You have such awesome items! So glad I found you! Have a great day!
      -Kiley Smith
      Cherry Blossoms

    12. Kiley Smith says:

      Oh and I just have to add Penelope is SO adorable! Lee showed me her pictures and I was dying over how cute she is!

    13. katie says:

      How fun!

    14. Kristina says:

      Envying your creativity as always!

    15. Jenn says:

      PICK ME!
      PICK ME!
      PICK ME!

      I’m sure you get sick of people saying your crafts are ‘cute’ but these are great.
      And I really want to use that pouch as a make-shift purse with a dress I have. It would be darling!

    16. Heather says:

      These ARE awesome! Love it!

    17. Bri says:

      Yes, please! I love it.

    18. Tanya says:

      Ooo, pick me too – or only me! Hee. These look great!

    19. I love it! I’m such a sucker for good stationary.

    20. Emily says:

      I love these, they are super cute!!!

    21. Jennifer says:

      This is really cute! That leather pouch could make a really awesome clutch!

    22. I would love to be considered for the beautitful stationary!

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    24. Andrea says:

      Or… Pick me! You are incredible. Everything you do is AMAZING!

    25. Emily says:

      I want to win! You have make the coolest stuff Melissa!

    26. Martha says:

      I love the stationary and the pouch. You always have such amazing ideas!

    27. Melissa says:


      I LOVE that you’re going to hijack your husband’s credit card. He deserves it, especially after giving you a rock for the oh so sacred V-day.

    28. Melissa says:


      The pouch I made from an old leather jacket, heat ‘n bond, and some polka dot fabric, all zigzag stitched together. It’s basically just like the poopy clutch.

      I was very surprised at how well my machine zigzagged the leather. I thought it was going to be harder than it ended up being.

    29. Jenny says:

      I live in AZ, but I would love to win these! All your stuff is so cute and creative.

    30. Hailey and I love your stuff. Always chique.

    31. Gorgeous blog! Thanks for coming to have a look (and comment) on mine! I will certainly be back.

    32. cute stuff, melissa. I love your blog. So creative. :)

    33. Angela says:

      pick me! me! me!

    34. ronda says:

      Oh I need some cute stationary. I LOVE the pouch. So cute!

    35. Sarah says:

      Thanks to Jenn, I found your lovely website! I love all the things you make!

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