On the street: High-waisted skirt


I’m in a sewing craze right now. Seriously, I’m day dreaming in patterns, and I keep thinking up ideas for outfits for Penelope and other little girls [I have a few pregnant friends]. I’ve got to get cracking before my motivation wanes. Last Friday when I was feeling particularly ambitious, I sewed a skirt! I can’t claim the pattern my own; it’s been modified from Simplicity’s 3673 1950’s retro dress pattern.

High waisted skirt back

I can’t express how much I love this skirt. It fits me PERFECTLY, it’s slimming [at least I think so] and it’s amazingly comfortable. This is the best sewing I’ve done in my life. Period. End. I should mention, however, it has one little problem: I can’t squeeze into it from the top. I have to unzip and shimmy into it from the bottom. I should have put in a longer zipper. OH well. It still works.


The original pattern has a very high waistline and darts in the front [I hate front darts, they never seem to look right]. I nixed the front darts and made puckers in the back instead [adding a little umph to the blegs]. I also sinched up the hips to follow my hips a little better. Now I’m looking for any excuse to wear this little number out. Chris, you wanna ask me out on a date?


P.S. I’m totally addicted to the Sartorialist right now. I love that blog.

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    1. Melissa, great job! I just had to laugh when you said the skirt was slimming. Is it possible to slim something already so beautifully slim?

    2. Brooke says:

      So cute. Your skirt makes you look soooo skinny! I love those tights too. Where did you them?

    3. Melissa says:

      I got them at Target. I’ve had them for ages and they haven’t run at all, they’re great!

    4. Laurie says:

      Love it! I was just thinking I wanted a high waisted skirt the other day!

    5. Jenn says:

      Hotness. I am envious.

    6. maegan says:

      “Seriously, I’m day dreaming in patterns, and I keep thinking up ideas for outfits for Penelope and other little girls”…yeah, I can relate :)…

      I love the high waisted skirt. I’ve been dying to make one myself, but I’m still working out the best look for my pear shape on that one. Your figure looks AWESOME in that straight, hip hugging fit. NICE JOB!

    7. kamille says:

      that is so cute! it works perfectly on your figure cuz you’ve got such a tiny waist! i could never wear a high waisted skirt because of my figure (i am fit, i just have no waist)…so i am envious!

    8. Katianne says:

      Hot Mama!! What a cute skirt!

    9. Carrie says:

      Look at you with your cute little waist. Loving the skirt and the shirt that goes with it. I wish I could sew like you!

    10. Kinzie says:

      Way to go Melissa! That is super cute. I wish I could wear it, but I’m pretty sure I won’t be wearing any tight high waisted skirts until at least after August! Chris better ask you out on a hot date!!

    11. christina Prows says:

      Hello little model…. Now all I need is your waist so I can have you help me make one!

    12. Lili says:

      Ooh, (catching up on blogs after a month of no internet–I should be in bed!)
      I was pretty excited when I saw that high waists were coming back. I never was one for low-riders.

    13. jane says:

      love the skirt. it looks fantastic on you. although, you might not want to wear it out…it is SO flattering that I can barely tell you’re there…hello teeny tiny audrey hepburn waste…yeah, don’t wear in public, people will totally run into you. ;)

    14. leonie says:

      hey i got a high wasted skrit frm miss selfges 2day . and i cant find a nice top to go with it . the skrit is black . i am 5’6 any ideas on what should i get?

    15. Melissa says:

      Hooray for high waisted skirts, right?!? I wear my skirt with any button-up in my closet, anything with a yoke. A silkscreened T-shirt would look cool, too, just make sure the shirt doesn’t have too much bulk, otherwise it’ll look bad if you tuck it in. Good luck!


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