Oneword February: GROW


I took some more photos this weekend while on our V-day stroll. I was happy that a) it wasn’t raining at the time and b) the sky was moody and overcast. My favorite.





Thanks to Shutter Sisters for motivating me to look at things differently. I can’t wait to see what next month’s oneword will be.

ALSO, Don’t forget, I have a giveaway for an awesome stationery set going on right now! You should enter!

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    1. Chris says:

      Excellent use of descriptive anchor text! If we could only get your links to underline correctly…

    2. Melissa says:

      Well, that’s something my web developer is supposed to fix. HINT, HINT.

    3. Nancy says:

      Love love love these. I’m jealous that there are things blooming for you already. The only blooms here are in pictures.

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