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For a long while [nearly a year] I didn’t sketch or draw anything. It was totally lame. Since the beginning of the year I’ve been sketching and have yet to post anything on my little Sunday meanderings [It’s not often that I sketch on a day other than Sunday]. Two stories:

I love poppies, and being inspired by the book 1000 Tiles: Two Thousand Years of Decorative Ceramics, I drew a little bitty of a poppy and photoshopped it onto a texture. I haven’t quite decided how I feel about the background. Is it too contrived? Static? Opinions are appreciated:


Then, last night when Chris and I were so wired from watching Solitary 3.0, we noticed an egg-shaped figure on the wall. I couldn’t photograph it because it was too dark. So this is what I drew in the dark at 2:00 this morning:


The wall was a dark grey, the egg shape was black, the eyes were white and so was the toothpick/staff the egg guy was holding. It all took me back to my childhood looking at the clouds with my mom, figuring out what they looked like. I’ve got to do something with this little eggy guy, maybe I’ll make a little plush.

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    1. Chris says:

      Excellent representation of that shadow. I’m going to go out on a limb and request a full egg-man character with tiny eyes and a big toothpick. I hope your bedroom shadows prove inspiring.

    2. tiddly says:

      oh my goodness, did you draw that poppy? if so, you seriously need to embroider it on a pillow or tattoo it on my arm. gorgeous!

    3. […] our little shadow friend that came to visit? Well, I decided to make him a reality, sans toothpick. I used smooth silk/linen fabric from fabmo […]

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