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personalized post and presents

In addition to always coming up short with stationery, it seems that I never have a gift box just the right size, and gift bags usually . . . Click over to Black Eiffel for the entire post.

For the tutorial on packaging your post and presents, click here.

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    1. made sweet says:

      i seriously love love love these. i put them on my tumblr i love them so much. and have every intention of doing this someday. they’re super gorgeous. i love your stuff and am happy you were guest blogging at black eiffel. :)

    2. made sweet says:

      oh. i hate when my smiley faces turn into scary little bubbly yellow faces. : )

    3. […] you’ll want to download the artwork (click the download button below) and my post & presents tutorial (click on the last line of the post to download). Then you’ll want to print out the artwork on cardstock. I printed mine at home, but you […]

    4. Vicki says:

      so i came back here to download some wonderful goodies as i sent an entire file into oblivion somehow. i just wanted to thank you again for the generous and lovely sharing of your wonderful talents. i think you are amazing. ?

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