April Showers Bring Flowers

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I’m thoroughly enjoying the recent surge of springy weather we’ve been having and therefore shirking in the blog posting department. :( I’ve had these flowers in my drawing book for some time (since my Idaho weekend), and haven’t scanned them in, thanks to living out of a suitcase.

red flower drawing

Tomorrow Chris and I are heading down to Arizona to spend some time with the Esplin family, and I’m greatly looking forward to crafting with my in-laws, and hopefully get in some painting and drawing time with the sisters-in-law, too.


I think the drawings might make for some interesting paintings. Hopefully I’ll get around to painting soon.

I want a house
[side note: I think I’ve told Chris 99 times today that I’m apartment/house hungry–it especially manifest itself this weekend when I went thrifting with my cousin’s wife, and nearly bought a set of fiberglass chairs for the home I don’t live in. Thanks, Natalie, for oogling over vintage home treasures with me!]
[other side note: I’ve had some stellar luck with some great second-hand finds, I found a cool wool coat for $5 (pictured above) and a metal cafeteria tray for $1 and a stellar stainless steel breadbox for $10–talked down from $12. The breadbox was a particularly awesome find because about 15 minutes later I found another one selling for $50!]
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    1. deanna says:

      your wool coat is awesome – esp. for only 5 bucks!! and i love all of the patterning within your flower drawings.

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