Earth Day Giveaway!


Happy Earth Day, Everyone! Today is a day of great celebration. Isn’t this earth awesome?!?

Happy Earth Day Giveaway

This month’s giveaway is a little special. Here’s the deal:

  • Five lucky readers will win!
  • Each gift will be made from upcycled/repurposed material to save mother earth.
  • It’ll be a surprise, and made just for you!!

All you have to do is:

  • Comment here on this post (any comment will do and only one per person).
  • Overseas comments welcome!
  • Comments close April 29, 2009 at midnight.
  • Repost this on your blog and offer the same giveaway to 5 lucky readers.*
  • Post on your blog a picture of what you won as soon as you get it!*

*Participation is completely optional and potentially a lot of fun.

Thanks Nicia for the sweet prize! Look what I got (Pictured below: handmade card, envelope & bookmark):

Nicia's Prize

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    1. Heather says:

      Happy Earth Day! Wow, I’m the first comment, that’s a first for me. Happy Birthday Penelope!!!!

    2. Nicia says:

      You obviously don’t have to count my comment as one, but just wanted to let you know that I’m glad you got your little gift! Gosh, your amazing talent with that camera acutally made it look somewhat fancy! haha. ;) Can’t wait to see what you end up making for others!

    3. stacy says:

      this is such a fun idea!

    4. Suzanna says:

      Since Stacy recommends anything that you make, count me in!

    5. leni says:

      This is such a cute idea!

    6. Jessica C says:

      I just recently discovered this blog, and I am now making a lunch tote from the tutorial you posted. 1 for each of my little cousins!

    7. Magatha May says:

      You’re so great to be doing a giveaway! What a sweetie.

    8. Zime says:

      I just recently discovered this blog!! Great idea!! Thanks!!

    9. Clyde says:

      Love your blog. I am going to give the etched glass project a try. Your directions are perfect.

    10. Annette says:

      Melissa! I just rediscovered your blog! I love everything you’ve been doing. Keep up the beautiful work

    11. Kristel says:

      Love the idea!! Saw your blog link from Howaboutorange and the glass etching!

    12. brooke says:

      you have the cooest stuff! i love your blog!

    13. […] Don’t forget to enter this month’s giveaway! Happy Earth Month!! […]

    14. Myriam G says:

      I love the idea of Earth Day… Even though I try to make it Earth day everyday by being and living as “green” as I can… :o)

      I just discovered your blog via Black Eiffel and I just had to enter your very fun giveaway! :o)

    15. Libby says:

      I can’t wait to make some of your fabric storage boxes — so cute!

    16. Leah says:

      I love this idea! What a fun way to share talent, ideas and friendship. Pick me!

    17. karen says:

      I can’t believe you moved (I’ll miss your creative bookbinding class) but happy to be able to keep up with you in cyberspace.

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