Idaho Falls at Dusk


It’s good to be back!! It’s been a while since I’ve had full-blown internet access; so I have a few unanswered emails, over 900 unread items in google reader and this blog has been neglected. I’ve got a lot of catching up to do!

Last week we decided to take a last-minute trip to see Chris’s grandparents. We had been trying to decide when to visit and then it looked like they might have a buyer for their home so we rushed up in hopes to catch them before moving chaos. The timing couldn’t have been better for all of us! On the way to Bigfork, we made a detour to Idaho Falls for a helicoptor ride and Island Park for a relaxing Saturday and Sunday with friends and their family.

Chris & Chad in the Victory Cheer

River from the Helicopter

Doyle [my friend’s dad]  just got a helicopter and license so he was anxious to take it for a spin. He did a great job of making it a smooth ride!


I can’t tell you how incredibly excited I was to ride in a helicopter. It was really cool, as evidenced by the 150 photos that I took.



Seriously huge thanks to Alexis and Chad for inviting us, and to Doyle and Elizabeth for the hospitality. We had so much fun!!

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    1. made sweet says:

      i love the pics from the helicopter! gorgeous.

    2. Laura Beck says:

      Thanks for posting this pictures!! I don’t know if you remember us but I am Alexis sister-in-law and Collin is her little brother, we moved to Texas and we wanted to see the helicopter. I really like your blog is awesome, I can’t wait to show this post to Collin, Thanks!

    3. Jenn says:

      I CAN SEE MY HOUSE!!!! Okay, not really. Next time you guys head up that way give me a call, after all, we only live 20 minutes from Idaho Falls and I practically live there during the week because of school – and the mall :D. I would’ve loved to have Jack and Penelope play together!

    4. macy dawn says:

      Oh what a small strange web world! I just popped over to your website to check out some of your tutorials I spotted links for online and lo and behold I see that you recently traveled to my home town neighborhood! I grew up in Ashton right below Island Park and my husband has family that lives in Idaho Falls. I just love these strange internet coincidences! Thank you for the beautiful photos of Idaho.

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