Penelope’s Would-be Birthday Invitation


Pingg and the telephone were a great back-up plan for Penelope’s invitations, but I just still was a little sad that I didn’t have the time to make her a more personalized invitation. But if I had time, here’s what it would’ve looked like. . .

Penelope's free fill-in-the-blank Invitation

These invitations were inspired by the square petal envelopes at Paper Source (I’m in love, seriously–Paper Source is my favorite). Well, I didn’t have a chance to use these invitations, but if you have something coming up, Penelope’s fill-in-the-blank invitation is available for download, right here!! For free*.

click to download the invitation

Click to download the note version

download the envelope

*Design and design elements are Free for personal use ONLY.

Thanks to How About Orange for linking to this post! If you’re new to IS•LY, welcome, welcome! Feel free to look around and as always, comments are encouraged!

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    1. Heather says:

      Thanks for sharing your cute invitation! I’ll have to plan a random party just so I can use it!

    2. Elizabeth B says:

      Melissa, did you know that they’re putting in a Paper Source at Town & Country Village? Like, right across from where I work? I am SO DEAD.

    3. Jess Jones says:

      Linked to this! Thanks!

    4. michelle says:

      THanks so much! This is such a cute invitation.

    5. elizabeth says:

      Saw this on a link… and these are so awesome! I’m going to use them for a bridal shower I’m putting together. Question – did you mail these as is, or with an envelope? I think this is such a stylish way to skip the envelope, but would hate to have the post office not process them.

    6. Amy says:

      Love that! Thanks for sharing, it’s so cute!

    7. Isa says:

      This is a great pattern.Thank you!

    8. Erin says:

      Thank you for this cute stationery. Very generous of you to share your talents.

    9. Silvia says:

      Thanks a lot!! It’s a very original invitation!

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    11. Pixie says:

      I love this! I’m not planning any parties soon, but maybe this will spur me on.

    12. Tracy says:

      Great invite! Love it and plan to use it this fall!! Thanks.

    13. Jessica says:

      Thanks for sharing this wonderful invite! I love the yellow and I too love Papersource!

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    15. rhonda says:

      Thank you so much for sharing with us all!!!

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    17. Carmen says:

      These are perfect. Thank you so much :)

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    21. Rose says:

      These are cute. I would like to use them for my after school students to make cards. Is there any way to print these with out the writing on the inside? I would like my students to be able to use them as an “any occasion” template. Love your site. SO helpful and informative, very detailed, simple projects for adults and school children. Thank you so much.

    22. Thank you so much for this wonderful download! They will make beautiful invitations for my little sister’s birthday party. Thank you, thank you xx

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    24. Mica says:

      I absolutely LOVE this!! I plan on using this for my sister’s bridal shower invitation. But is their any way that I can type my wording onto the invitation instead of writing on it??? And also, if their anyway to take off the RSVP part and leave just the line there??

    25. Natasha Baker says:

      They came out perfect! Thanks!!

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    29. our birthday invitations were all homemade by just using an inkjet printer and adobe photoshop “

    30. Roslyn Stary says:

      birthday invitations should be given as early as possible to avoid any surprises *;-

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    32. audrina says:

      you’re ideas are great.. thanks much for sharing.. keep it up! =)

    33. Rebecca says:

      Thank you so much. This will be great for my daughter’s 15th

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