Graphic Design Fun: hart+sew


I really miss my old job, creating posters and banners for student activities, from my old school days. I think that’s part of the reason why I even have a blog in the first place. It’s always needing to be redesigned and modified, so I can flex what little graphic design muscles I have. I always get so excited when I get the opportunity to design for someone else. It’s just so fun to work on fun/unique design projects.


A couple of months ago a friend of mine, Stacy Hart, emailed me to see if I would make some designs for her etsy shoppe. I got particularly excited because there are so many crappy etsy banners out there. She just opened shop and I really want to brag about the design.

Above left: Sketch straight from my sketchbook. Above right: Finished version

I think the name she came up with was super cute. Kind of like heart + soul, but her last name is Hart and she likes to sew. Anyway, you should check out the hart+sew etsy shop which has the MOST adorable hand sewn clothes from vintage patterns. Check out the hart+sew blog, too, it’s full of great ideas and Stacy’s super cute projects.

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    1. sarah says:

      lol i think everyone misses sascm at one time or another, but then all you have to think of is the picky clients who thought they knew design + photography, and clearly remember that it wasn’t all good!

      • Melissa says:

        Yeah, too true. I remember designing stuff for Dean over at dining and sending him a MILLION and one proofs and he’d never be happy. I always knew that if I put a purple and forest green gradient in front of his face, all would be well. EW.

    2. Nancy says:

      This is nice! And her stuff is really cute. At least you can design for YOU instead of little BYUSA-ers who thought they knew it all. :)

    3. Tanya says:

      Looks great Melissa!

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