My Domestic Husband


Chris's Jacket front and back

Jacket Prototype #1–not bad, eh?

Chris has been obsessing over the Kitanica Jacket, mark IV worn by Adam Savage from Mythbusters. $600 for a practically handmade jacket is not SO bad, but considering¬† money isn’t something that grows on any kind of plant in Arizona or Utah, it’s not likely that Chris will see a real Kitanica jacket in his near future.

Articulated Spine

The first thing he said after seeing the price tag was, “How hard would it be to make? It’s just a simple jacket with pockets tacked on the outside, an oversized collar, articulated spine and gusseted armpits.” Which I interpreted as, “Melissa, will you make one for me?”

NO, no, no! NO way, Jose. I am washing my hands of this project.

Inside Seams

Instead of standing up to the mammoth challenge of sewing a men’s outdoor jacket, I taught Chris how to thread the sewing machine and answered -very unenthusiastically- all million questions he had about fabric, zippers, patterns, etc. Considering my lack of support and his skill level, I think he did a fabulous job! It actually looks like a jacket and the seams are surprisingly straight. He’s figured out a lot in the process, so I’m excited to see how the actual jacket turns out and if maybe he’ll sew a thing or two for me in the future!

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    1. abby says:

      so impressive!

      (thanks for you sweet comment. i want to be your friend too!)

    2. Marissa says:

      dang, you guys are my heroes!

    3. Naomi says:

      Wow! That’s just a trial run? Look at him go…

    4. good job chris! i’m impressed.

    5. Lili says:

      wow — Go chris!

    6. Jenn says:

      Freaking awesome.

    7. linda says:

      Where was my domestic son when all those boy scout patches needed to be sewn onto your uniform? Furthermore, why didn’t you learn to use the sewing machine when I had to hem your pants for Phoenix Boys Choir? I guess it’s better late than never. The dry run on the jacket is most impressive.

    8. C B says:

      Sweet. Teach a man to fish.

    9. Robyn says:

      That is awesome! Props to your husband! Perhaps he can inspire mine to do something. ANYTHING….

    10. Doug says:

      Hat’s off to you dude, nice work. I was just searching the Internet trying to find out what the patch is on Adam’s Mark IV cuz I just bought a real one and wanted the same patch. I came across this blog and thought I coulda just had you make me one! Could have saved me a bundle!

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