DIY Neoprene Camera Case


I haven’t been posting many DIY projects recently, which is mostly because we’ve taken a 3 month long vacation from paying rent. Despite my lull in DIY-ing, I still have managed to make a few projects. The two most recent projects fit in my camera case. Here’s the first:

Super Model Chris + DIY camera case

I have a giant camera bag. It may not be super huge, but it’s a little bulky when paired with a diaper bag, stroller and squirmy toddler. On occasion I like to avoid the additional bulk and pack my camera into my purse/diaper bag, hoping that nothing spills or gets into the sensor.

Chris's Signature sneer + camera case
You can tell how enthused Chris is just by his signature sneer.

I’ve been meaning to make a case like the old school leather case my dad’s old camera has, that wraps around the camera. Not wanting to work with leather, I broke into my mother-in-law’s stash of neoprene and made the case. The pattern’s not gorgeous or glamorous, but it’s very convenient to be able to toss my camera into my purse and use it on the go and protect it from the contents of my purse and my clumsier habits.

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    1. Very cool! Yeah, love that sneer:-)

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