Feeling a little Nostalgic


We went to Provo today to visit with friends and family. I couldn’t help but feel a little nostalgic, seeing some old haunts (particularly Diego’s – YUM). While there, we ran across loads of yard sales which reminded me of the yard sale Chris and I had when we left the area over two years ago. Which then reminded me of the window bench and coffee table that I so proudly made and sold at that yard sale.

Chris on the window bench

This bench was made almost entirely out of windows from the house I lived in while single. Besides windows, I used plywood, foam, fabric and screws.

window table detail

I thought this thing was so stinking awesome, but I couldn’t bare the thought of moving it all the way to California (it weighed close to a metric ton). Thankfully, it went to a good, loving home.

window bench detail

This was one of many of the projects that Chris and I embarked upon while we were dating. I knew that he was the man for me when he started to get excited about miscellaneous projects like this one. It’s been a long time since we’ve started a project like this, pretty much a year and a half (remember this one?). Now that we’re in a house of our own I’m dying to work on some projects. And believe me, we have loads of projects that lie ahead.

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    1. Christine says:

      This is too cute! Great project

    2. yeah! provo! there WERE a lot of yard sales today, funny you’d mention that. also thanks for the heads up on diegos…i’ll have to check it out.

    3. How did you get permission to use windows from that house?

      • Melissa says:

        They had replaced all the windows in the house with double-paned windows, and the wood-framed windows were just sitting around in the back yard.

        The landlord was more than happy to get rid of them!

    4. Maegan says:

      I remember that bench (and when you sold it too)! Very cool. Boz remembers it too ;). Says he can attest to it weighing a metric ton as well :).

    5. Ronda says:

      I remember that bench when Jason and I went over to your place in Provo to decide what wedding invites to do! I loved that bench. I sometimes mention it to people when people talk about their home projects.

    6. summer says:

      i love to learn what people see in others’ “trash.” what a beautiful project, i have a feeling it will be happily displayed and used for a LONG time!

    7. Jen V says:

      I love your blog – I have commented several times and have been so inspired by you! You are on my blog roll of crafty chics too:)

      I am doing an awesome giveaway – check it out at http://www.viettiview.blogspot.com

      Everyone is welcome to enter!!

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