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Back in March I was asked to design the logo and banner for the hairblooms etsy shop. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Shelly and was giddy over her concept (cameos are awesome). I had so much fun and got so excited about her hairblooms that after I finished the design I checked her shop about 3 or 4 times a day just to see if she had opened shop.


my preliminary thumbnail sketch (not so pretty)


Finished product

In the few weeks that Shelly’s shop has been open, I’ve visited her store over and over, drooling over her adorable headbands. As awesome as all of the headbands are, I’m very partial to the vintage yellow and buttercup hydrangea design. It could be the yellow. I think it would look adorable on Penelope (but it might end up on my head instead ;) ).

hairblooms etsy promo

Shelly has been kind enough to offer IS•LY readers free shipping at hairblooms, so there’s NO reason not to head over there right now and get one for you or some lucky little girl out there. Hurry, offer ends September 30, 2009. Want to win one?!? Head over to hart + sew to enter to win one of Shelly’s lovelies!

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    1. Lillian says:

      I LOVE these headbands! I might have to get some for my little girl today! And p.s. your banner design is amazing. No surprise there.

    2. brandi says:

      love your logo/banner nice work! i love how crisp it is, and simple, but totally fitting for the cute headbands she sells. adorable.

    3. Heather says:

      Great design Melissa! If I have a girl I’ll have to get some of these, but I have a feeling it will be a boy so we’ll just have to see.

    4. Shanna says:

      so adorable… just snagged one up!

    5. Jenn says:

      Beautiful banner. Cute headbands, too.

    6. Tacie says:

      I just so happened to stumble upon your blog, and can I just tell you that it is amazing??? I love your design, and I was wondering, how much would you charge to make a header for another etsy shop? Thanks!

    7. summer says:

      your design is fabulous! i love how simple it is and the curves in the border kind of speak to the petals in her designs. her products are super cute! i’m brainstorming trying to think of little girls i could buy these for.

    8. laura sina says:

      LOVE these hairbands.. do we know if they will fit the grown-up ladies too?

      • Melissa says:

        I’m hoping they will! Penelope isn’t very patient with “pretties” in her hair. Most of the time I end up wearing what she was. I’ll surely let you know!!

    9. angie says:

      LOVE the LOGO! LOVE the Headbands!!

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    11. Ceci says:

      I love a little window into the design process. Beautiful work! :)

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