Nathan & Linnley’s Wedding: The Invitation


I’ve been anxiously waiting for the right moment to blog about my sister’s wedding invitation. I’ve been so excited about the design and even more excited when all of the elements came together about 3 weeks ago. My sister’s colors were black and light blue and their wedding budget was pretty tight, so I worked very hard to figure out the most economical way to print these babies.


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The invitations turned out beautifully, but the production was not simple or time-friendly. I have many very nice aunts and cousins that agreed to hang out at my parent’s house for nearly 6 hours scoring, folding and taping items into place. Granted, not all 6 hours were working on the invitations alone, they were also assembling blue petal boxes to fit a small handful of chocolate cashews (the candy that brought the couple together in the first place).

Nathan & Linnley Invitation pocket detail

The wedding went very well, and I think Nathan & Linnley are very happy together. To read more about their story, check out their blog.

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    1. Jenn says:

      These turned out great! Your calligraphy and typography is beautiful. Great flourishes on the capitals. And I agree, wedding invitations are very hard to do on a tight budget. Requires a lot of menial hand work and creativity.

    2. melissa wood says:

      you go girl.
      lovely work. you rocked it, for sure.

      and, let’s talk about Penelope’s black shirt dress you made. I’m inspired!

      nice job. all around.

    3. Emily says:

      Wow, those are beyond gorgeous! I’m currently working on designing invitations for my sister in law. Did you print these yourself?

      • Melissa says:


        I’m glad you like them! I didn’t print them myself. I went through the University of Utah print services and Jane Bushnell was a great help giving us the lowest cost possible! Do you have any printers you like to work with?

    4. Brooke says:

      So cute! I’m really impressed with how well you do invitations. My sister is getting married in a few months and was floored when she found out how much they cost. They were thinking of getting someone to do theirs. Can I pass your info on to her and have her contact you?

    5. elizabeth says:

      Oooooh, those are so fabulous!

    6. ooh very nice — your sister is lucky to have you! did you handwrite the enveloples?? that font is cool.

    7. Sarah says:

      Beautiful. I love the style of invitations these days.

    8. brandi says:

      i remember you said you were working on these – they turned out beautiful. love the type. ;)

    9. Christy says:

      I totally know the Sweeneys! Small world. I was actually Nathan’s step cousin for a few years (my mom was married to his uncle).

    10. They looked so great. I hope you develop some good ideas for my big day some day. :) I still smile when I think of us all meeting up. What a great idea.

    11. Emily says:

      I am actually looking for printer options right now, since my epson is on the fritz :)

    12. Tyler Young says:

      I get excited when i receive wedding invitations. sometimes i also make customized wedding invitations.;`-

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