Penelope The Destroyer STRIKES AGAIN!



Run for your lives!! Penelope the Destroyer is back and this time she wants more than some silly green plates. She wants CHOCOLATE.

Penelope the Destroyer

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    1. Haha, so cute! That picture is great.

      Also – random – but I realized the other day why your lastname sounds so familiar to me. We bought one of our letterpresses from a girl named Arin (sp?) Esplin :)

      Hope you’re enjoying Utah!

    2. Oh my this is far too cute!

    3. LOL… I LOVE your writing BTW… I kept the note that came with the book that I purchased from you.

    4. Ashley says:

      Is that your handwriting? I wondered if it was a font. It’s beautiful!

      Your girl’s so cute.

    5. that pic is SO cute! and is that seriously your handwriting??? i LOVE it. you are good!

    6. Neice’s threatening Aunt’s! What is this word coming to?

      Here’s the scoop. I have about five rolls of color, and five rolls of B&W 120 Film that I can’t figure out where to get developed relatively cheaply, plus two more on the way. There’s bound to be at least ONE cool photograph on all those! The altoids should be a cinch, but make sure you talk to your mother before you go eating them all at one time. Barrels of love!

      -Your loving Aunt

    7. […] Penelope was sure to leave her signature string spiderweb all over the room, too. Her nickname “Penelope the Destroyer” is back in full […]

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