Happy Halloween!


Penelope the Clown

Happy Halloween, Everybody! Last night we celebrated with the family with Navajo tacos, salad, cookies and lots and lots of Nutella. We had a great time hanging out with family. I am so excited to share Penelope’s costume with you guys!


I have this weird relationship to costumes. I never sew them and I don’t like to go out and buy them. Lame, right? My mother came to the rescue this year with this sweet clown costume. She made it by hand, no pattern, for me or my older sister when we were little bitties. NO PATTERN. Isn’t my mom incredible?

Penelope the Clown 3

Penelope & The Train Conductor

Penelope sure had a great time playing with her cousin. He was a super cute train conductor. What a good old fashioned costume. Love it. Hope Y’all have  a fantastic Halloween & daylight savings weekend!


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    1. Erin says:

      aaah! penelope looks so cute! what a great costume your mom made.
      um, i had forgotten about daylight savings. crap, that means church is an hour earlier tomorrow. ugh!


    2. Stacie Smith says:

      Enjoy the blog. Got here from Design Mom.

    3. Laurie says:

      Very cute costume! Love the fabric.

    4. Melissa says:

      I love the fabric, too! It’s too bad this quality and style of fabric is practically distinct at fabric stores like JoAnn’s.

    5. Kami says:

      She looks darling! sounds like a fun night.

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