From the Desk of My New Intuos4


EEE! Christopher was so sweet and bought me a wacom tablet for my birthday and it arrived in the mail today! Boy, am I spoiled. Chris even threw me a surprise birthday party. All I gave him was a fanny pack for his birthday. Looks like I need to step it up for Christmas. Now that I have a fancy, handy dandy wacom tablet, you’ll probably see some printables coming your way. SQUEAL!

Dearest Christopher I love you

Here’s the first thing I did upon starting up my new toy. I’m such a newb, but I’m having SOO much fun!!

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    1. sarah faith says:

      yay! so so so fun!

      …and your handwriting, beautiful!

    2. Erin says:

      Wow! You have amazing penmanship! A wacom tablet would be much less exciting for me because I cannot write like that. I wish!

    3. natalie says:

      what a cool gift from your husband. i was wondering if you teach calligraphy? i love your writing. can i get a lesson please??

    4. Brooke says:

      What kind of a tablet do you use? I’ve been trying to decide on one and can’t make up my mind!!

    5. Jen says:

      My hubby has a wacom, and he LOVES it. Many happy hours.

    6. marissa says:

      your handwriting is so beautiful, you should create your own “melissa” font. :)

    7. Collette says:

      I think I need one of these! So much better than drawing and scanning and then cleaning up the images!

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