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It’s been less than a week since my last day in an office and I’m already busy, busy on new projects. The best and most exciting one (besides the project of being a mom again) is Design House Digital. It’s new. It’s all about digital scrapbooking and it’s live tomorrow, Jan 1st.


I’m not sure if any of you are familiar with digital scrapbooking, so let me fill you in. It’s like paper scrapbooking, except all it really requires is Photoshop. DHD is the brain child of designer Jen Allyson Nugent (aka Project Girl). She’s very familiar with digital scrapbooking and has been a fabulous inspiration and mentor. You should probably check out her blog. It’s full of all sorts of pretty things.

I’ve just been bursting with excitement about my first kit. This first kit is inspired by the genius of Ellen Gallagher and Studio on Fire’s Peacock wedding announcement. SOF is my favorite. And I wish to maybe someday have a smidgen of their coolness.


My idea behind this collection was to do something a little crazy. A little unique and a lot loud. The neon colors help with the volume, don’t you think?


This font is all thanks to my Intuos4. Now that I think about it, this whole collection is thanks to the intuos. I love that thing.

I hope y’all get some time between partying and resolution-making to stop by Design House Digital. Sign up for their newsletter and get a free kit. And after midnight please stop by to shop, browse tutorials and inspiration galleries. Oh. And don’t forget, everything is 30% off this weekend! Take advantage!

You’ll be seeing a lot more of this and other crazy things in the future. Do you digi-scrap? What are you looking for in a kit?

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    1. Jenn says:

      Very much digging your psychedelic circus. So cool. You were made to design for scrapbooking. I am not!

    2. Mique says:

      Melissa- congrats! I LOVE your designs. I’m a huge fan of Project Girl- what a fun adventure!!! I signed up for the newsletter and can’t wait to shop tomorrow.

    3. summer says:

      this is the perfect solution for those of us looking to have less stuff in our homes. digital scrapbooking…genius! your work is always stellar, LOVE the font!

    4. * TONYA * says:

      ooh I love it. Well done. You go girl. You are amazing. I love digital scrapbooking, I just wish I had more time for it.

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