Handmade Christmas


Dad is an accountant by trade. He spends his days working up financial statements and digging through the minutiae of banking regulations. When he’s not at the bank, he’s riding his motorcycle, hiking, camping, photographing and silversmithing. The silversmithing was unexpected. Years ago my dad signed up for a silversmithing class with my older sister and he’s been churning out work ever since.

My dad's Jewelry

One of Dad’s first class projects is the bracelet pictured above. The image is a bit blurry, but the bracelet is beautiful! My dad gave all of these to me for Christmas with the exception of the heart necklace which I received on my wedding day. These pieces mean more to me than anything store-bought because they came from Dad’s own hands. I love wearing these reminders of my dad around my wrist and neck.

These handmade gifts are the pinnacle of gift-giving, because they come packed with personal and spiritual meaning. I’ve not had as much time to make all handmade gifts this year, but I’ve tried. What’s the best handmade gift you’ve ever received or given?

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    1. Sarah says:

      Beautiful! What a talented dad – guess it runs in the genes eh?

    2. Joanna says:

      How awesome?! My fave handmade gift would have to be my mini scrapbook portfolio album that I received this year from a friend to house all of me baked goods. It is so cute and fun. Not to mention thoughtful.

    3. Bridget B. says:

      Wow! They are beautiful. I’m going to have to get my dad going with silversmithing.

    4. angie says:

      Those are gorgeous!

    5. nicole says:

      wow, what a gift. my dad has carved us a few different figures, a nativity scene and a big rooster. these handmade gifts, especially from dads are the best.

    6. Lillian says:

      Ok, your dad has amazing taste! Even if my dad COULD make jewelry, I doubt he could do something that cute! I’m so impressed:)

      To answer your question, I made all of my nieces little hand made dolls, felt hair clips for the older nieces, and my nephew a Yoda “action figure” (because you can’t call them dolls, of course) this year for Christmas. A couple of scarves for the sisters-in-law, and I made my sister one of your poopie clutches! I was actually so inspired by your handmade Christmas last year, that I decided to give it a go! It’s so not as good as something you could have done, but I have to admit I surprised myself:) They turned out cute! And it was so rewarding! (not to mention cheap!)

      Thanks for being my inspiration, Melissa! You’re amazing! Merry Christmas!

    7. Autumn says:

      Wow, those are lovely! I did >almost< all handmade gifts this year–embroidered linen pillows. Definitely imperfect as it was my first time, but I’ve already given some to friends and they really appreciated them. I can’t wait to give my sister her Hello Kitty one. It was fun to come up with the different designs and sayings and handmade is such a special speical touch it almost doesn’t matter what it is, just that you thought to make it.

    8. I love making books for people. I get creative with the different kinds I make. This year I made a Church ABC book for one niece, a Christmas Card ABC book for another in-law family and a scrap-booky, family pictures book for another niece. So fun.

      PS this jewelry is beautifuL!!!

    9. Katherine says:

      I can see why these mean so much to you – you’re lucky to have such a great dad! I wish I had something like this from my dad – but I’m honestly afraid that if you gave my father any silversmithing tools, he’d seriously injure himself. Generally not a very good gift. :) Great blog! xx

    10. leni says:

      those are amazing, just like your dad!

      I have a great GIVEAWAY on my blog, so stop by if you’d like to win!


    11. * TONYA * says:

      He’s very talented. These pieces are gorgeous. Does he plan on selling his creations one day?

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