Cheater, Cheater


I was hoping to make this year my third annual handmade Christmas, but there was just no physical way that was going to happen. Up until just recently I’ve been working full-time as an in-house designer for DownEast; so between that, other design work, sleep and a ferociously hyper toddler, there was just no way I could squeeze in a million hours of crafting. It just got to the point where I had to ask myself, “Do I want to be institutionalized?” to which I breathed a sigh of disappointment and let go of all of the crazy ambition for handmade gifts and crazy cool decorations. Next year, perhaps?

Springfield Armory

I totally could’ve bought handmade gifts, but I wanted to surprise Chris more than anything.

Just after my brother-in-law bought his gun, he brought it over to show off to Chris. Chris was clearly jealous by the drool on his chin. I knew right then, that was what I needed to get him. Something that he’d NEVER suspect I’d buy. Well, not unless he got a little nosy. I pretty much dragged every male from my family and Chris’s into the whole thing asking for advice, models, etc. Even the guys at my work were excited about it, too.

There were a few times leading up to Christmas day where I thought he had figured the whole thing out. Turns out he was thinking I was getting him a wedding ring. (note: he’s been through two wedding rings so far.) It was better than Christmas to see the surprise on his face when he opened his gift! AH! It was a fabulous surprise. He’s taken it to the range a few times since Christmas and it’s just fun to see his excitement about all of it.

Chrome Buckle

Chris sort-of surprised me this year, too. He had led me on thinking that I was getting a pair of boots. Then a couple of weeks before Christmas he asked me about my camera bag and if I wanted a bigger one. That was a dead give away. While I had my suspicions I would’ve never guessed he’d get me the bag that he did.

Chrome Bag

Have you heard of Chrome bags? You might if you’re from San Francisco or you’re super hip. The bag that Chris got me is the smallest of the messenger bags and it’s ENORMOUS. There’s so much room inside. Did you peek at the cool buckle above? Rad. Now when the sun decides to come out and warm up the frozen valley, I’ll be the hippest fixie rider in town with my Chrome bag, rolled up pant leg and  bright blue & yellow fixie. Thanks Chris for upping my coolness.

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    1. tonya ;) says:

      i love that you were able to surprise your hubby, that can be hard to do. i like to ask people what favorite gift they GAVE and see them relieve Christmas all over.

    2. emily says:

      Love the bag, although I am still holding out on getting a Crumpler someday.

      • Melissa says:

        I had no idea what a Crumpler was until I just googled it 5 seconds ago. WOW, that is quite the camera bag! I love the names, 7 million dollar bag, 8 million dollar bag and so on. Mine’s not *technically* a camera bag, Chris will be buying me an insert as soon as it’s in stock again (it’s on back order or something).

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