Cool New Friend


Two or three months ago my friend was going on and on about this woman, Susan Petersen. I’m thinking What? A blogger in my area? A CRAFTY blogger in my area? No way. We need to make friends!

freshly picked wallet

All it really took was a second or two on her blog before I realized how utterly cool she is. She made freaking gold Lamé leggings for her 3 year old. How cool is that?!?


Her blog is chock full of inspirational ideas, fabulous sewing and sweet thrifty finds. She has some great tutorials on her blog for skinny jeans, pillowcase dresses, nursing covers, and coin purses. You should check out her blog and her store, too! I suggest you snatch up the his & hers pillows and the sweetest, most darling ruffle skirts you’ve ever seen.

freshly picked ruffle skirt

Seriously, aren’t these skirts to die for? While Susan’s blog is awesome and a time-sucking pit of inspiration, she’s even cooler in person. We had her and her sweet family over for dinner a while back and had the greatest time getting to know them. I’m really excited to have a new friend so close by!

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    1. Marissa says:

      Thanks for the introduction to Susan Peterson! The nursing cover page is awesome!

    2. I’m so glad the two of you finally connected! You will have so much fun re-creating the world!

    3. Nancy says:

      Susan is great! I just keep enjoying how small the world is. Susan is the sister in law of my sister in law, so we’re practically related. Say hello to her for me and remind her who I am just in case my blog-stalker sense of our acquaintance has obscured how truly obscure our connection is. :)

    4. emily sparks says:

      super cool! i love this susan’s stuff and i even traded stuff with her at the beehive bazaar, but i didn’t discover her great blog until you posted this! thanks.

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