I bought a Nikon SB-600 flash unit for my camera nearly a month ago. I’m loving it. I feel like a free woman now that I can take decent photos in low-light situations. When I say low-light, I mean practically pitch black. Really.

Can I brag about it for a minute? I love this thing. Let me show you how awesome this thing is:

I took these photos at my cousin’s house at midnight. Each photo was taken from the same spot on the couch using the same settings. The above shot was taken without a flash of any kind. So sad.

This shot was taken using my pop-up flash. It’s not horrible, but it looks pretty bad. Right? It’s still really dark.

Now this is what I’m talking about!!! The above image was taken using my new flash pointed at the ceiling with a diffuser cap. WOW. Isn’t it nuts the difference between this and the rest of the photos? I love my new toy, I just have to start working out my arms so I can better handle my giant camera/lens/flash set-up.

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    1. Amy Frazee says:

      I have a Canon Rebel and was just thinking this weekend about how I needed a flash unit for my camera. This helps me with my decision. Thanks!

    2. Faith says:

      I have to admit that I’m kind of intimidated by using flash. I have a f1.4 lens so most of the time I can get by without but some of the time it just doesn’t cut it. Looking at these pics is great–I feel inspired to give flash a try. Now I just need to convince N that I need one. :)

    3. Laurie says:

      Holy moly, that’s amazing! I want.

    4. Mmmmm yes, that is tasty!

    5. That is amazing! Now I want one :)

    6. Katy says:

      Pair the Gary Fong … Lightsphere (for a low $39) and you will have fabulous lighting without shadows… glorious and beautiful bounce with the photojournalist or the cloudy. I love it with my SB 600 and SB 800s.

      Love your blog! ~Katy

    7. I’m jealous of your lovely bounce-able flash! But, um, what was Miss P doing up at midnight? If my kids were up at midnight, they would certainly not look that cheerful. :)

    8. Erica K says:

      WOW! I need one of those!

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