Little Sleeve Update


When I go thrift shopping I usually stop by the little boys section to search for button-up shirts. Most of the time I find shirts that fit everywhere but the arms; I guess I have longer arms than the average 12 year old boy. When sporting little boys shirts, I have to go for the nerdy high-water look or roll up my sleeves or refashion them into something that’s a little more fitting. I felt like this shirt needed a little update.

Here’s the before:

To update/feminize this shirt, I:

  • chopped the sleeves
  • added a gather to the outside of the sleeve
  • added a small cuff from leftover fabric

I think it turned out cute, but I’m not really sure if I get more use out of the shirt now that I’ve refashioned it. It’s probably about the same. The cropped/gathered sleeve definitely makes the shirt look more feminine. Which do you prefer? The before or the after? I’m still not quite sure.

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    1. ~j. says:

      I believe the second suits you much better.

    2. Lindsay says:

      I love the new look… the sleeves are flirty and girly… loving it!

      Good idea!


    3. way cute. i like it both ways,your very talented.

    4. Shannon says:

      LOVE the little puff sleeves!

    5. Emma says:

      Loving the after – definitely worth the time.

    6. Tiffany says:

      The after is WAY cuter and super unique and feminine. Still not loving that skirt but to each their own I suppose.

    7. Shaela says:

      I like it both ways, but the new way is so cute and feminine – great job!

    8. you are so freaking talented! I love how you reimagine things that don’t work for you into amazing clothes.

    9. Megan Elizabeth says:

      I like both, but I agree with the first commenter the refashion suits you better :)

    10. Sara says:

      The after is adorable. I wish little boy shirts would fit me!

    11. jen says:

      i love them both too! i know, doesn’t help but they’re both great!

    12. lovena says:

      i think the after pic looks more sophisticated and chic

    13. britt says:

      i prefer the after. it is very cute and stylish while the other seems a little drab in comparison.

    14. Michele O says:

      I love the refashion. I really adore the sleeves. Do you have a tutorial on how to do it? Or do you know where I can find one? When I was a preteen I was quite familiar with sewing machines but since then, I haven’t even touched one. I recently thrifted a dress and I NEED to fix the sleeves like this. I am pretty sure that I can fix the hem on my own. Thanks for inspiring me!

    15. AshleyAnn says:

      Can I please mail you a box of my clothes to refashion for me. Oh to be able to sew something other than a pillow case!

    16. Nikki says:

      I definitely like the after shirt! It’s lovely.

    17. Tamara says:

      LOVE the after! Thanks for the great tip!

    18. Lillian says:

      Definitely the after. I love it!

    19. SarahJane says:

      Amazing! I so wish I could sew things up like you do. AND what an idea…to shop for shirts in the boys section!

    20. cameron says:

      The “Before” offers a refined sofistication that’s elegant and says “I’m in charge of things in my life” when worn with a straight-front gray skirt. The creative tayloring is a respectible skill any day/any time. Nice to see!

    21. Mandi says:

      After. Love that you shop in little boys…not a bad idea!

    22. Reez says:

      Love the color combination of the “Before” but love the cut of the shirt in the “After”. I was so excited when I saw this post because I found a very similar shirt (the After version) at Marshall’s the other week – a steal at $7.99! AND, I have shorts the color of the skirt in your Before picture that I had planned to pair it with!

      I wish I had your talent at sewing…it probably opens up a world of shopping possibilities!

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