Make You Over Mother’s Day Post


I’m a guest over at Make You Over today, sharing a Mother’s day gift idea. Chelsea of MYO is hosting a Mother’s week where she’s invited several bloggers to post about their favorite Mother’s day gift items. That’s not all, though. For every gift idea there’s a chance to win it! Big Kudos to each company sponsoring the giveaways!

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Additionally, Chelsea is offering a unique e-consulting giveaway with prizes from Shabby Apple, Roxie Heart Vintage & others. Click here to enter her giveaway.

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    1. natalie says:

      yay for guest blogging! i’ll go check it out!

    2. Jenn says:

      I gave my mom an early mother’s day present last week. She’s been making denim quilts for friends & family and cutting each pair of jeans apart and into squares with scissors. She had cut 6 quilts worth of squares (which were in fact square), and the thought of holding scissors for that long made my hand ache. She still has a ton of jeans to go through so she was more than happy to have a new crafting tool.

    3. Kristol says:

      just a little off the subject… i LOVE Pen’s hair clip!! did you make it? if so, definitely need a tutorial on that one!!

    4. Melissa says:

      I bought her hairclip from I did the graphic design for Shelly’s shop & loved her clips so much I had to buy one for myself! Every once in a while I let Penelope borrow it. :)

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