Penelope the Pomegranate Princess


Sara Jensen of Lost Bird Found sent me the most adorable pomegranate print fabric in the hopes that I’d make something fun out of it. I definitely though it was adorable when I saw it online, but when I got it in the mail I got a completely tipsy with delight. I love this fabric! I wasn’t sure which to do first: a skirt for me or a dress for Penelope. Penelope’s dress won. I’m pretty sure I have enough fabric left over to make a sweet skirt for me, so you might see more of this fabric really soon!

I had so much fun working with Sarah’s fabric. The pattern is simple and sweet, printed on a light-weight cotton that is so easy to sew.

I finished the dress right in time for Penelope to wake up from her nap. I showed Penelope the finished dress and the first words out of her mouth were, “OOooOOO! Pretty!” Awww. Penelope! She just made my day. It melts my heart see her appreciate the things that I make for her.

Bows are the new ruffle, folks. I’m serious.

Above is a detail of the back. I sewed two sets of buttons (the second set are hidden), so when she grows she can use the second set of buttons & wear the dress longer! The dress encloses using the two buttons and has an open back. I made some baby shorts in the pomegranate fabric (not pictured) so you don’t see her cheesy Mickey Mouse diapers when she bends over. All in all I think this dress took me two hours to make. Not bad, considering I made the whole thing up as I went along!

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    1. nicole says:

      that fabric is fantastic!

    2. nicole says:

      as is the dress.

    3. That fabric is great, and the dress you made is wonderful! However, I refuse to believe that bows are the new ruffle. I have nightmares of giant 80s bows coming to suffocate me. Just say NO to bows! :)

    4. Oh wow, Melissa…of all the sewing projects you’ve posted, this is the one that made me most wish I could sew. That dress is so adorable (and that’s genius about the buttons).

    5. kelsie rae says:

      the buttons are GENIUS! please make a tutorial on how to make this dress! or a pattern , or something! the bow in the front is just TOOOOO cute!

    6. Mirja says:

      that is an absolutely wonderful dress! So beautiful!

    7. sara says:

      wonderful!! you have made a perfect dress for this fabric! your baby is a doll :)

    8. I am in love with that fabric! I’d love to see you make a skirt with it too.
      I agree Bows are in!
      Adorably dress, she has got to be the best dressed kid ever!

    9. tiffany says:

      oh my. you’re pure talent! i love it.

    10. Deena Rutter says:

      Love it, Melissa. It makes me want to get out my sewing machine I bought myself for Christmas and try something with fabric.

      That fabric is gorgeous. Penelope is adorable.

    11. Erin says:

      Love the dress Melissa! That fabric is fantastic!!

    12. Bob L says:

      Hey, can a guy post here? Missy, I’m always amazed and proud of all you do! It’s what you were meant to do and no one does it better. Non-stop creativity and innovation.

    13. Kathryn C says:

      so soo so adorable!!

    14. Leah says:

      That dress is gorgeous. Oh please show us how you did it. The fabric is so pretty too.

    15. Britta says:

      Oh curses. I just knew you were going to say you made up the pattern. I really want to make that dress for my girls! Every time I sew without a pattern the house is filled with expletives and my family retreats in fear.

      That fabric is delicious.

    16. I LOVE that fabric! Pomegranates are a favorite of mine anyway, but the fabric design looks great on its own. The dress turned out so cute, but I agree, you need a skirt out of that fabric as well!

    17. Kristol says:

      SO FREAKIN CITE!!! I’m 42yrs old, and I would wear that dress.

    18. Nikki CB says:

      This is so gorgeous! And I can’t believe you did it in two hours. Honestly, it is so so lovely.

    19. Ann says:

      Oh my goodness that is such a GORGEOUS dress! Fabulous fabric design and colour – just love it! And Penelope looks so yummy in it I could eat her! Two hours! I don’t believe it!

    20. Becky says:

      I love everything about this dress

    21. […] made a skirt last weekend; using the leftovers from the pomegranate fabric I blogged about two weeks ago. In fact, I finished it just in time to be all matchy-matchy with Penelope at church […]

    22. sheriece says:

      This is GORGEOUS! Love the matching skirt, too! So, am I to understand that we can’t buy yards of this fabric?? That makes me sad. :(

      • Melissa says:

        Sheriece, don’t be sad!!

        You can buy this fabric, but you need to contact Sara Jensen (the wonderful creative who designs/makes this fabric) and order it through her. The best way is to contact her via twitter at if you’d like her email, let me know. I might be able to find it for you.

    23. Emily says:

      This dress (and your matching skirt) is adorable? Would you consider posting a tutorial or making a pattern so I could make one for my daughter?

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