Thrifty & Chic: Sexy Shoes


If you’ve been following the Thrifty & Chic series, you know I’m weak in the knees for gorgeous shoes on the cheap. I love shoes. The end of my freshman year of college was rather stressful, so what did I do to cope? I bought shoes. I bought 15 pairs of shoes in 2 weeks. It was nutso. I’ve since gained more self control and different ways to cope with stress. Regardless, I still buy more shoes than my mom thinks any normal human being should own. I like them! Today I’d like to show you my favorite shoes that I’ve snagged for $4 or less.

I found these beauties at the beginning of fall/winter this last year which was very timely since the boysenberry color started popping up in clothing stores. These shoes were $4. They’re leather with real snake skin details.

These shoes were featured in my first Thrifty & Chic post. Remember? I still love them dearly! I’m not huge into wedges, but I love these. I snatched them up for $3. The upper and wedge are made out of leather. Nice.

These classic red beauties are so chic paired with skinny jeans. I immediately spotted them while shopping because of the gorgeous button details on the sides. I snatched them up for $4 and later found out that shoes from this label normally go for $250-300. Score!

I found these black beauties while thrifting this weekend! I was just thrilled to find Nine West shoes in my size! They’re very comfortable and add a certain flavor of chic to any outfit. I snatched these up for $4.

Last but not least, I found these gorgeous babies this weekend in the same trip where I scored the Nine West beauties. Aren’t they so elegant? I love the strap, but there’s something about perforated leather that makes me squeal. I wore them to church on Sunday and felt SO chic. Love.

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    1. victoria says:

      great minds think alike! :)

    2. I love shoes too! And you have some very nice find there. I usually don’t have as much luck finding shoes at thrift stores because all the cute ones tend to be in smaller sizes!

    3. **finds

      (proof read, Lindsey!)

    4. Emma says:

      Those wedges are amazing. What great finds. I also have a shoe addiction but fortunately I get mine on the cheap from eBay.

    5. Erin says:

      you have a talent! all the shoes are great but i am especially smitten with the perforated leather heels and the wedges. lucky!!

    6. jenn king says:

      love them all! i wish i could get mine out and photograph them but i better work on other stuff. great finds!!!

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