Bathing Suit Cover-Up


I had an elaborate plan to make a bikini with high-waisted shorts. Meh. That didn’t happen. I have terrible luck finding sweet swimsuits in my bust size, which is why I was insane enough to think about making one. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of great swimsuit companies out there that would likely have something I would love, but my price range is about $20 for the whole ensemble. Not per piece and not per square inch. Yeah. I’m such a cheapskate. As luck would have it, I found the perfect bathing suit on sale at Target. There was only one left and it fits me perfectly!

I have yet to wear the suit out of the house as you can tell from my pasty white skin, but I love it.

Just a couple of days ago I got a hair-brained idea as I was waking up (isn’t that when all the crazy ideas come?) to make a short romper cover-up for my new suit. There was no way I was going to let the idea escape me so I did it right then.

After more than 7 hours of drafting, sewing, unpicking and sewing; I finished it. It’s kinda time consuming to sew something with out any pattern or dress form to work on, but I made do. I made it out of the raddest vintage stripe jersey knit material, which coincidentally matches my suit perfectly. NOW, I’m ready for summer. Are you?

P.S I love my new gladiator sandals! Thanks, Madeline, for pointing me in the right direction for these babies!

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    1. Amy Lou says:

      Simply adorable! (you and your suit) I am also a cheapskate and I’m okay with that. :)

    2. Diana Smith says:

      Love your cover up! SO cute. Funny, I bought my bathing suit from target too! And it was on sale, and im 8 months pregnant, so finding one was extremely hard. Love that place. Glad you had luck there, because your swim suit is HOTT!

    3. Leslie says:

      I would seriously buy that. Adorable! Want to make me one?? ;)

    4. So cute! And I am glad you snagged the sandals (even though they weren’t blue).

    5. PS – Loving the new layout!

    6. Kelsey says:

      I was just thinking I wanted to make a romper cover up!
      So cute.

    7. Laurie says:

      So Cute!

    8. Maegan says:

      $20 bucks for a suit…your talking my language. I too have had grand plans to make myself a suit (due to cheapness and, in my case, my post baby body)- some sort of vintagey short-all one piece with a nursing friendly bodice on top (yeah, I’m in mommy mode). Loving this look: (just not for $500!!!)

      I’m making Elyette a suit right now actually. We’ll see if it every happens for me… Know where I can look for more good quality lycra/swimwear knits?

      • Melissa says:

        I’m not sure where to get good swim material. I tried JoAnn’s but the selection was sad. My mother-in-law made my sis-in-law a swimsuit once. I could ask her where she got that material.

        WHY ON EARTH is that swimsuit $500?!? Seriously, it’s great and all, but c’mon. It’s not spun out of gold or anything. Sheesh. I bet you could replicate that so easily, Maegan!

    9. SarahJane says:

      You go! I have posted a lot of pics of me on my site, but when I’m in my suit, it’s above the waist only! You look great.

    10. Jenn says:

      Aww, I want one! So cute! Reminds me of the rompers I wore when I was little in the 80s!

    11. Junia Isabel says:

      So loving this! I need to find something just like that romper before this weekend! Hmm, I have a sewing machine, but I don’t know if I have it in me to be as awesome as you and make it from scratch…

    12. Chris says:

      Seriously Melissa, when are you going to start sharing your patterns?

      My wife is hilarious. We live near Gateway mall, and she loves to cut through Urban Outfitters just to browse (usually). They’ve got a lot of these uber-short rompers, and I tease her that she can’t buy anything there because the clothes are just too naked for her.

      Then she goes ahead and makes this romper to wear to the pool. We do not have access to a pool. We never go swimming unless we’re on vacation, and we haven’t planned any vacations this summer.

      Does my wife have some other personality that only comes out when I’m at work? Is she a closeted pool goer, or does she stroll around town in her bathing suit and romper? Feel free to rat her out in the comments.

    13. tiffany says:

      two things. lovely new site design and who takes your pictures? you’re such a great model and the photographer is great too.

    14. Melissa says:

      Wow, I adore the romper! You did an amazing job making it.

    15. Shelley T says:

      Love Target!

      New follower

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