Chevron Pillow for Penelope


I’ve been working on decorating Penelope’s room for the last 5 months. UGH. Progress is slow especially when my most productive time is when Penelope is asleep in the room I want to work on. I’m so close to being done, I can smell it. Last night I spent about two (or was it three?) hours working on a pillow for her new rocking chair.

I found a really sweet chevron pillow over at PB Teen that matched Penelope’s color scheme perfectly, but I’ve already splurged on so many things for her room I couldn’t justify spending $25 on a pillow cover. I know. I’m cheap. Instead, I made my own chevron pillow from fabric I already had. The pillow still wasn’t  cheap considering it took all of my mind grapes for 2-3 hours, but it was a fun experiment.

Susan directed me to two zigzag quilt patterns (Anna Marie Horner & A Quilt is Nice), but I definitely didn’t want to cut out a million 2 inch squares, cut them again diagonally and then sew them all together. I wanted small chevrons for my small pillow so the squares didn’t make sense. Instead, I cut a bunch of diagonal strips & fudged my way to make my own chevron. It worked. I have SO much more respect for quilters now.

Penelope was so cute about this pillow this morning. She exclaimed, “MY Pee-YO!” as I was trying to photograph it. She did NOT want me touching it. Aw, I’m so glad she likes it!

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    1. First, I love the pillow!

      Second, I was just thinking about getting a rocking chair like that for my new nursery. Is it even a little comfortable?


    2. Tanya says:


    3. The pillow looks great and how awesome that she loves it so much! I made a pillow for my little girl a couple weeks ago and she made me take it out of the room before she’d go to bed. Sadness. She’s warmed up to it since then though.

    4. Shaela says:

      it’s adorable! great job on the pillow cover

    5. Em says:

      that is SO pretty & cute! Love what you did with the backing w/ the bows too. totally wanna try to make one now. :)

    6. tvmom says:

      your pillow is way cuter than the PB one!

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    8. So cute! I don’t think I would have had the patience!

    9. Virginia says:

      I would have to agree saying that your pillow is soooo much cuter than the PB one… awesome job! Very cool rocker- where’s it from?

      • Melissa says:

        Thank you, Virginia!!

        The rocker is an imitation Eames rocker. I LOVE it. I had my interior design friend, Caitlin, pick it up for me so I’m not sure where it’s from exactly. If you just google Eames Rocker you’re sure to get a TON of shopping results. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you can find these beauties at thrift and second hand stores.

    10. Chris says:

      @OfficetoAprons The Eames-style rocker is, in my opinion, prettier than it is comfortable. I’m 6’2″, so the chair isn’t tall enough to support my back. I don’t like actually rocking in the chair. I’m sure it’s more comfortable for shorter folk, but it’s a crazy abdominal workout for me.

    11. Laurie says:

      Very cute pillow, and very cute rocker!

    12. Leah says:

      I found an easy tutorial for a zig zag pattern if you feel the need to make a second. I am using it to make a quilt for my son. Your pillow turned out great it is so cute.

    13. Deborah says:

      I desperately need to get my sewing machine out and learn how to use it because this is too cute!!

    14. Christa Pirl says:

      I can’t wait to see the whole bedroom….and if you ever need some extra work as a throw-pillow-maker, let me know! This is so cute and looks like quite the good sewing job!

    15. kristen says:

      love this pillow!! this is so fantastic!

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