EVO Conference 2010 Recap


Last Thursday night Madeline and I headed up the gorgeous Parley’s canyon to hang out with a bunch of lovely ladies (and a few men) at EVO. It was SUCH a great conference! There were all sorts of inspiring, not-a-dry-eye-in-the-room keynotes & fabulous instructional panels on SEO, branding, product reviews, marketing, etc.

My experience would not have happened if it hadn’t been for Avery office products, who generously sponsored me & 7 other lovely ladies. They graciously provided us with our conference passes, meals and excellent lodging. We were in heaven hanging out in our 4 bedroom, 5 bathroom, 3 livingroom, 1 sauna penthouse. Seriously, Avery hooked us up! I love it when large companies make personal connections in social media and put a face & personality to their brand. They also had some neat products to share with us & other conference goers as well. I’m really looking forward to making my very own custom binder.

Les Madeleines of Salt Lake City made these delectable treats.

The suite party Avery sponsored was just hoppin’. We had delicious food, great music & awesome company. You know you’ve got a successful party on your hands when the party goes ’til 2am, and it was only scheduled until 11pm! Madeline and I ended up kicking a few party-goers out so that we could clean up & go to sleep. Sleep was definitely not one of those things that really happened last weekend. I still haven’t caught up on my ZZZs.

(this post is not in chronological order, btw)

Friday afternoon, I rode a gondola up to the top of the Canyons and attended the photography workshop where we listened to four panelists talk about different ways to make photos more interesting and pretty. I felt a little advanced for the session, but I still learned a few great tips & tricks. For example, If you shoot in f22 or higher and point your camera at the sun, you’ll get a pretty sunburst effect that you wouldn’t otherwise get in a lower aperture. I tried that on Saturday night at the closing party & it worked! Sort of. I’m blaming the un-interesting photo on my rush to head back to the hotel to pack.

The closing party was a lot of fun, but I was so exhausted from the weekend, I stupidly didn’t take advantage of the venue. I did take some fun pictures of everyone having a good time, though! To see more pictures of the EVO conference craziness, check out their flickr group!

Three cheers for Jyl, Rachael and their minions!! They put on such an inspiring and educational conference! Can’t wait until next year!

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    1. tiffany says:

      two words. so jealous. :)

    2. Your post summed up so much more than mine.

      It was so fun. Thanks for being a rad roommate.

    3. Steph says:

      I can’t thank you enough for helping me learn the magic meaning of ISO and all the other settings on my camera. It really means a lot to me. Thanks again!

    4. Fab pics as always, Melissapher! So glad you got to come to evo’10. Wouldn’t have been the same without you. Now… let’s have an after party! You in? :)

    5. Nice recap! Loved seeing you and spending time with you. I agree, this conference was amazing. Hope to see you again soon. xoxo

      • Melissa says:

        It was great to see you, too! Your shop is totally awesome, btw. I can’t stop thinking about that baker’s twine & alphabet print!

    6. My mom is going to be so proud of me for spreading f/22 to the masses. I had no idea the whole world didn’t already know about it.

      Thanks for coming!

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