Matchy-Matchy is all the Rage


I made a skirt last weekend; using the leftovers from the pomegranate fabric I blogged about two weeks ago. In fact, I finished it just in time to be all matchy-matchy with Penelope at church on Sunday. SO FUN! There’s something just so utterly fun about coordinating outfits with Penelope. I can’t get enough! We did it with that awful dress I repurposed, then on Mother’s day and then last week with the pomegranate fabric. Pretty sure this is the beginning of something ridiculous.

I made a basic gathered skirt with a straight waistband. It wasn’t too hard, but it did get a little tricky with the zipper. I couldn’t seem to find my zipper foot anywhere and I didn’t have any invisible zippers on hand. I ended up using a button-hole foot to attach the zipper, it worked. I’m hoping the zipper foot will turn up somewhere before I have to go out and buy one. Whatever. I’m sure Penelope already got to it and either threw it in the garbage or flushed it down the toilet.

This skirt is really light weight and flutters at any slight breeze. It’s a good thing when it comes to hot summer days, but a very bad thing when a gust of wind decides to blow my way. Going down stairs even causes the skirt to fly up! The skirt is also very see-through so I need to wear a slip with it; like the one I’ve been meaning to make for the last 3 years. Maybe this skirt will give me the motivation to finish it.

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    1. danyelle says:

      i’ve been daydreaming about that pretty fabric since you posted penelope’s dress. i’ve got to get my hands on some.

      the skirt is just as darling as little p’s dress. you must be quite the pair on sundays.

    2. Michal says:

      As a man trying to comment on a post about a skirt, I’m trying to figure out a comment without sounding too creepy. Stand by and I’ll come back with one.

    3. belllesme says:

      it looks soo pretty and lightweight like you said <3 loove it! btw I looove matching! Its soo cute when moms and daughters or fathers and sons do it!

    4. Emma says:

      Love that fabric and it looks so good made into the skirt.

    5. tiffany says:

      i love that skirt! can i be matchy matchy with you guys too?

    6. Laurie says:

      Love it!

    7. Bri says:

      When Adam and I were dating, we would accidentally coordinate on dates sometimes. We thought it was funny and started doing it on Sundays intentionally. And well, now we do it as a whole little family. So dorky, but so fun!

      And the skirt is just perfect!

    8. That is seriously such a cute skirt!

    9. snq says:

      i love matchy! i also love how your skirt drapes. i’ve been looking to sew an elastic-waist skirt, but the ones i’ve seen out there pouf out above the hips and are not that cute (prob b/c they just use a tube of fabric cinched at the top). how did you do yours differently?

      • Melissa says:

        I did a few things differently than you see on the elastic waist skirt tutorials.

        First, I used a 1:3 waist:fabric width ratio. Most tutorials just say double your waistline. TRIPLE it. Maybe even quadruple it.
        Second, I attached the skirt to the waistband differently. Most tutorials have you match the right sides together and sew. I actually pinned and sewed the gathered skirt inside a doubled-over waistband making it a flatter seam.
        Third, I ironed the heck out of it. Put your skirt on the ironing board & create pleats by matching up the bottom to the top. Iron down the messy pleats.

        Hope that helps!!!

    10. snq says:

      yes!!!! thank you. will take a stab at it soon.

    11. Tairalyn says:

      Can I just post a comment saying “wow”?

    12. Tairalyn says:

      Okay – I guess I should write more than that.

      You inspire me to make and do! I love your Blog and if I had this weekend FREE I would dedictae it to finding the perfect fabric and making my own skirt.

      I will have to do this very soon however.
      Im iching for a cute skirt like that!

      Yours Truly

    13. I love the fabric so much, and the flowy skirt you’ve made it into is just lovely.

    14. Agnes says:

      Oooh! I love it! And those shoes are tres fabulous! Where are they from?

    15. Suzanne says:

      I have any idea for you to wear under your “fluttering” skirts…I bought my girls a pair of tap shorts from the dance store and they wear them under all their short skirts and dresses (which they have a lot of being teenagers). I LOVE this skirt and can’t wait to make one for myself.

    16. Katrina says:

      i <3 this skirt. how much fabric does it take to make? 1 yd?
      do you have an online fabric sites you can recommend?


    17. Emma says:

      OMG! That is a really cute skirt. Please check out me and my friend’s blog. We are starting a design page and we would LOVE feedback. Thanks!

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