Thrifty & Chic: Olive Goblets


I found these gorgeous olive glass goblets on a D.I. run today. I’m so excited about them, I had to share them with you right away.

I found the set of 6 for 75ยข each. Not bad, eh? I think these would be so perfect for a regal outdoor dinner party in September when the trees are starting to change. Don’t you? I think I’ll go ahead and pencil a party in for mid-september.

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    1. Caroline says:

      Super awesome. I love them and have been looking for something similar. Excellent find! :)

    2. Jennie says:

      I love these! I have an orange bowl in a similar style…it always gets compliments when I put just about anything in it for a party…even cheap Lays potato chips! Good find!

    3. Oh I LOVE these. They remind me a little of a small set of wine glasses and a decanter that my mom has and that I’ve always coveted. I love the color and texture!

    4. Erin says:

      These would really make a tablescape!

    5. Amy Lou says:

      Those are gorgeous and at such a great price. Congrats on your find!

    6. marla says:

      i grew up with glasses similar to these. they were passed down to my mom and she still has them. and i’m hoping to steal them soon :)

    7. Wow super gorgeous! I cannot believe that you only paid 75 cents each! I’ve been browsing etsy looking for similar glasses for my future wet bar (which i even blogged about) but i didn’t find anything as wonderful as those, nor as inexpensive.
      I think maybe you have a lucky ducky fairy following you around? You always find such great things!

    8. Sasha says:

      These look very similar to a goblet I picked up from a “Free” box sitting on someone’s front porch in town – Nice find!

    9. Jill says:

      My mom has a set of these that were a wedding gift, and after putting them away for years, she’s back to using them all the time! The color is beautiful!

    10. I love love them. I’m obsessed with glasses/cups and the color green. what a deal! we really need to get together and either shop or picnic with the kids.

    11. summer says:

      gorgeous! i LOVE that you plan parties around your fabulous thrift finds. i’m thinking a table set with a couple other regal jewel tones or shades of green would be beautiful! please post pics of your shindig!

    12. Christa Pirl says:

      Great find…I have to add the DI to my list of thift…and I would love to see them in person at the party…:)

    13. Jenn says:

      We saw some cool glasses like these at Anthropology this last weekend. But at $8 a glass – I just couldn’t splurge. They remind me of my grandma’s house :)

    14. Jenn says:


    15. jen says:

      love! what a great find!

    16. Michele says:

      My mom has these same glasses. She found them at a local thrift store.

    17. Jeri says:

      My friend says that in her catalog of collectible glassware, that those glasses run $6.50 each. Great find.

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