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Have you been following Project Runway? I have! I’m super jealous that Denver peeps can watch the season finale with my Project Runway fave: Mondo. He’s the best! While I won’t be bumping shoulders with my favorite designer, I will be with some of my favorite people. Susan’s having a Project Runway Season Finale party down in Provo. You should totally come. It’s free, but pace is limited. R.S.V.P. via email to suezpetersenATgmailDOTcom if you’re planning on coming. It’s going to be awesomel!

Remember my awesome headboard from my old dungeon of a room? Well, sadly it doesn’t fit in our new place. Our bed is a queen & the king-sized headboard doesn’t fit snugly in the bay window as I had hoped. I’m trying to sell it, and I’ve listed it for a steal of a deal: $35. Check out the listing or Contact me if you want it!

Also, remember the deal I got on my Mid-Century Modern Urban Outfitters couch? Well, we’re getting rid of it, too. It’s perfect for an office or formal living room, but not quite right for cuddling up & watching Modern Family on. As much as I like it, it’s got to go. It’s in great condition & totally rad. It’s listed for $250. Check out the listing or Contact me if you want it!

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    1. geri e. says:

      I am in LOVE with that headboard! wish wish wish I was in the area so I could snatch that baby right up.
      (and Mondo is, hands down, my fave. so into that show.)

    2. Andrea Bangerter says:

      Are you telling me you actually know Mondo? He’s totally gonna win!

    3. love your headboard! thanks for the share.

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