ALERT: Calligraphy Giveaway


I hope you’re not getting sick of all these giveaways I’ve been doing on the blog recently. If you are, you might not want to be around next week, as I plan on giving away something awesome every day!

If you’re interested in some calligraphy by yours truly, specifically a 5×7 piece with you & your loved one’s names ornately calligraphed on it, Check out Jemma Coleman’s blog. Jemma just launched her new look (designed by me!) and is celebrating by giving oodles of awesome stuff away. CLICK HERE to enter. From how it stands right now, your chances of winning are pretty good. So GO! Do I have to beg you some more to enter this giveaway? While your there, browse her archives. She’s got some awesome photography up her sleeve.

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    1. Callie says:

      Entered! You can enter my giveaway if you’d like also, they’d make cute holiday presents!

    2. Giovana says:

      I can’t wait for all the giveaways! Looove your calligraphy! But I’m an international reader, so if I can’t enter any of the giveaways, please let us know ;)

    3. Lacretia says:

      I LOVE Jemma’s new blog look – you did a great job! Did you hand draw the background??

    4. Heather C. says:

      I missed the time deadline – bummer! Your calligraphy is beautiful!

    5. Katherine R says:

      I just saw this giveaway. I’ve been admiring Calligraphy since I was in Elementary School about 18 years ago.. I’ve always loved the elegance and the flourishing lines we can create. I am still learning but love the penmanship in many deeply disturbing ways. Nobody understands it when I try to explain it.

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