Art Weekend 2010 Recap


Art Weekend was a huge blast! I was only there for the Saturday festivities because I was in Annaheim on Thursday & Friday. I really wish I had been able to attend the art weekend craft night & social. I have a hard time missing social outings like that.

The calligraphy class went off without a hitch. It was so much fun to see how much each student improved over the course of 2 hours! It was remarkable and oh so fun. I had a couple lefties in my class; it was very impressive how quickly they grasped the art of the pointed pen. We all had such a great time, I hope to teach calligraphy again soon!

Jill rocked this class (check out her artwork, way cool). Her spacing, pen control & flourishes were fabulous! Don’t you agree?

I had the great opportunity to take a class from Brittany from One Charming Party. She shared with us tips & tricks to getting that picture-perfect party. She even brought a little craft for us to do: Birthday banners! I made mine in orange, green & blue – which happens to match our orange kitchen chairs just perfectly! Brittany told us she just grabbed what red, white & blue stuff she had at her house & threw together the above table arrangement at the very last minute. I hope to get to the point where I can arrange beautiful spreads at the snap of a finger. It does help that she has somewhere like 30 cake plates (she told us so!) and decorates parties for a living.

I had a FABULOUS time at Art Weekend this year. I can’t wait until AW2011!

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    1. angie says:

      your calligraphy class sounded neat! i’ve always wanted to try calligraphy for fun, too. i have a couple fountain pens (for some reason) but never really put them to use. haha

    2. Alyssa says:

      I wish I could have been at AW!
      I vote you teach a calligraphy class in SF soon! ;)

    3. Libby says:

      That’s my little sister (Jill DeHaan)!!! She’ll be so embarrassed about this. Hahaha. She said that your class was really great. I’m pretty jealous that I couldn’t attend.

      You should check out her artwork blog (

    4. Meg says:

      I always admire people who can do calligraphy, it’s so beautiful. I also love that sweets table, very cute.

    5. SO adorable Melissa! I need to get you guys over here soon! I keep meaning to give you ring!

    6. Kristina says:

      Thank you for such a fun class! And I appreciated the shout out to the lefties. When I went to the art store, I found a special nib for lefties. Not sure whether it will improve my calligraphy, but its worth a try.

    7. Oh I’m so jealous! I would have LOVED to attend your calligraphy class :(
      You should offer an online course. (Is that possible?).

    8. I am so sad I couldn’t make it this year. I will definitely have to go next year!

    9. Gloria says:

      I want to take a calligraphy class now – very inspiring!

    10. Melanie says:

      When you were saying that mine looked good, I now know you were lying. Her’s is so pretty!

    11. marissa says:

      I so wish I could’ve attended! If I wish hard enough, maybe you’ll do one out here one day. Or online! :)

    12. tiffany says:

      oh man. i totally needed your calligraphy class. i need to be there next year! how’s the unpacking going with all your traveling?

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