Happy Birthday, Chris!


It was Chris’s birthday last weekend and boy did that one sneak up on me! We ended up celebrating his birthday all weekend long and it was great. At least I thought it was fun!

Friday we went out to dinner without Penelope (thanks to my sister & Groupon!), Saturday we partied & Chris helped me organize the house and last night we had a couple of close friends & Chris’s siblings over for dessert. It couldn’t have been more fun to just hang out & chat (and give away half of the CDs & books we’ve been meaning to sort/donate!).

I made a spicy pecan marshmallow cupcake for dessert They turned out pretty good, but the marshmallow frosting was really sloppy. I think I should’ve beat the frosting in my mixer rather than with my hand mixer so it would’ve set harder. Either way, they tasted yummy. I used Epicurious’s frosting recipe. Yum!

Chris is absolutely awesome. This weekend I’ve done a lot of thinking and I love this man so much! Here are a few things that make him awesome:

  • He’s hilarious
  • He remembers all sorts of funny things and makes them into memes (thanks ants = Thants. Thanks Melissa = Thalissa)
  • He has spectacular taste in music
  • He drives a motorcycle
  • He can dead lift 320lbs (or something like that, it’s a lot)
  • He knows exactly which buttons to push to make Penelope smiley & giggly
  • He’s good at his job
  • He has good taste in clothes
  • He’s smart with money
  • He’s creative
  • He’s my Mr. Fix-it
  • He can just “figure out” CSS
  • He makes me laugh
  • He gives me back rubs on demand

He’s a pretty great guy, hu?

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    1. What a sweet post. Love the cupcake toppers.

    2. belllesme says:

      Aww thats cute! Well, my birthday was on the 18th (today) when was his? Happy Birthday!

    3. Anne says:

      Look around you! I love when other people know the obscure things that I know about. Ha!

    4. marissa says:

      You guys are so perfect together! Happy Birthday Chris!

    5. Julia says:

      He’s the perfect man for you.

      You look fabulous, BTW! Your belly bump is darling. Did they say everything was okay with your ultrasound? Any names yet?

    6. Too cut I need one for my husband

    7. christy says:

      I think this is what I’ll do for my hubs birthday post!
      …so sweet!

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