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So Sew Word of the Week: ORANGE

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Since it snowed for the first time of the season earlier this week, I thought I’d make some mittens for Penelope. We’ve had terrible luck with mittens for the Nels. They’re either too bulky for me to squeeze her hands into, or they’re not warm enough. I need a pair that are easy to put on AND keep her hands warm.

On a whim I went to D.I. to see if I could find any sweaters that would work for felting. Amazingly, I found a 100% orange cashmere sweater for $3! Can you believe it? I was so thrilled. Oh my goodness this sweater is incredibly soft. If it weren’t for the disgusting 90s shape of the sweater and my enormous belly, I think I would’ve kept it for my own. Instead, I machine felted it (twice) and sort of made up a pattern for some Penelope mittens!

Sadly, Penelope hates them. They’re just right in the thumbs, but not in the fingers. I may try to make them a tad smaller to see if that fixes the problem, but Penelope just may be an anti-glove wearing gal. Who knows. I do know she appreciated how soft they were, just not while they were on her hands. Oh well. I tried. Here are some resources I used for felting & making up my own pattern:

Machine Felting TutorialFleece Mittens for KidsMaking Mittens from a Sweater

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    1. Wow! Those are impressive and adorable! I didn’t even know it was possible to reuse an old sweater for that purpose:)

    2. Brandi says:

      I think her mittens are especially cute! What if you remade them with the finger ends cut off and a flap sewn over so she can poke her fingers out when she needs too? My mom did that for me when I was small and I called them my hobo mittens. :)

    3. […] in October I felted a giant cashmere sweater in the hopes to make Penelope some warm mittens that would a) keep her warm & b) not come off […]

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