Recycled Wedding Announcements


I’ve posted about this before in regards to my brother’s wedding announcement. My mom is a card maker/scrapbooker extraordinaire. Birthdays, Valentine’s, Anniversaries are always celebrated with a handmade card from mom. Chris got the sweetest card for his birthday, and it was almost entirely made out of my my sister’s leftover wedding invitations!

She’s made all sorts of cards & gift tags using Linnley’s wedding invitations. The repeat pattern I used on Lin’s wedding invite was one of the first repeats I ever made. I hand drew all of the little elements, scanned them in & digitized them. It’s just so satisfying to see them on paper & in card form! I think this is why I would love to be a paper/textile designer.

I personally would love to see a settee upholstered in this print. I think I would cry if it actually came true.

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    1. Lindsay says:

      I have this super beat up CB couch, fainting couch-style, and that is the EXACT print I would love to reupholster it in… if only I knew how :(

    2. quinn says:

      ADORABLE!! I love that print. I wish I could have it in a bedspread.

    3. Shaela says:

      have you looked into that? I know there are places where you can upload your own patterns and have it made into all sorts of fabric. It’s pricey, but maybe worth it :)

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