Thrifty & Chic: Strawberry Bowl


I’ve been madly trying to organize this house as quickly as possible. It’s slow going, but progress is getting made every day! Yesterday I attacked our “studio” and it’s still in shambles, but I’ve thrown away a bunch of useless junk & I plan on giving away even more to DI. While organizing, I’ve been gathering together all of the miscellaneous bowls I’ve collected through the years & have placed them in different parts of the house for mini drop zones.

I’ve got a silver serving bowl in the bathroom to collect my contacts case, perfumes & contact solution. I’ve used an old glass vase to store all of my nail polish & polish remover and I’ve used old metal school lunch trays to organize my earrings. One of the drop zones I hadn’t considered yet was my bedside table. I need something pretty to keep my misc earrings, wedding ring & lotion organized. While looking around the house I stumbled upon this little bowl. It doesn’t match any of my decor (or not yet, anyway), but there’s something just so sweet & adorable about it. I got this about a year or so ago for $1. It’s so sweet, the hoarder in me can’t help but try to acquire every bowl, cup or plate out there that’s just like it.

Don’t worry, Chris. I won’t. I promise.

Have any of you watched Hoarders? While at times I want to puke, watching it every once in a while keeps my thrifting obsession in check.

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    1. quinn says:

      oh, that is adorable! i have things like that in my room. i am always needing a little container to hold things!

    2. jenn says:

      i am a major thrifter as well and sometimes i think i should go on hoarders too. i always have to find a “place” for the new things i buy before i show it to my husband so he doesn’t say “well where the heck are you going to put that?”

    3. i absolutely love this bowl. i dont even think it even needs to match your decor – it seems to match your personality so it will fit right into the house!

      i love your idea of drop zones… i have been having issues just like these… i’m going to try a few out. thanks!

    4. Emily says:

      Aw, what a cute little bowl!! I love it!

    5. Moe says:

      I have this bowl!! I know what you mean about collecting bowls. I love them! I want to buy everyone and put things in them. Thanks for sharing your organizing ideas!

    6. I have a little plate on my nightstand too. I keep chapstick, earrings and my cell phone in it.

    7. jen says:

      Oh yeah, agreed. Nothing like an episode of Hoarders to make you want to clean your house and have a garage sale!

    8. Sash says:

      So true! I watch Hoarders whenever I need motivation to get organized and start cleaning. Always does the trick!

    9. Stacey says:

      Love the strawberry bowl!

      I definitely question my compulsive thrifting habit every time I watch Hoarders! :)

      I do little “drop zones” as well…they’re the perfect way to sneak in new treasures without the husband giving me the “yeah it’s nice but what are you going to do with it?”

    10. The show Hoarders is the perfect solution to a shopping spree. If we could just get addicted to simplifying our lives, we’d all be in a better place. As the Danish say, “Less stuff, more life.”

    11. My husband and I watched an entire season of Hoarders on Netflix Instant. Awful. Now my husband accuses me of being a hoarder all the time….I’m not, I swear! :)

    12. Suzanna says:

      My mom used to have the same bowl when I was growing up! It had a plastic lid for storage. I have a ton of drop spots too! from a basket by the door for dog stuff, to small dishes here and there for bobby pins and change. :)

    13. Victoria says:

      That bowl is amazing and would look as great center stage at a spring party as it does in the bathroom!

    14. Holly says:

      Its ok. I’m the same way. My husband cringes each time I bring home a teacup just because I fell in love with the way the leaves looked. But- I always find a place for each and every one of my little treasures ;)

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