T&C: Taking Fashion Cues From a 4 Year Old


Back in February my friend Susan blogged about her daughters shoes. They’re the sweetest little girl shoes and ever since I laid eyes on them, I’ve been on the hunt for the grown up version. It’s been a long hunt I tell you. Nearly 9 months. It’s the best feeling to have found them just in time for winter!

Last Saturday night we headed over to our nearest thrift store to donate a pile of goodies we didn’t need anymore. While we were there dropping everything off, I had the sudden urge to go inside & take a look around. Chris, lovingly obliged & waited in the car with Penelope. While I was frantically looking around for any organizational furniture/boys clothes I came across loads of sweet goodies, but I still needed to check out the shoes. It’s not like I need more shoes. Straight to the boot section I went & BAM! We connected! My boots! My sweet boots that I’ve longingly been searching for!

At first they looked really big. I thought they were perhaps a size 8 (in which case I totally would have bought them for Susan), but alas! They were a 7! They’re leather, they fit, they’re in perfect condition & best of all. . . they were $3. Can anyone beat $3 for new winter boots? I wasn’t so sure how Chris would react to these shoes, but it looks like he likes them just as much as I do. They’re great. Oh, and interestingly enough, I spotted the same boots on design*sponge today.

What kind of deals have you found lately? Please share (feel free to include links!), I want to see!

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    1. oh my goodness those are beyond perfect.

    2. Linz says:

      On me those would be grossly hipster but they are SO cute on you! Also, you were wearing that shirt when we first met… although not filling it out quite as much with that adorbs bebeh bump :)

    3. I certainly cannot beat $3 for winter boots! I love seeing your thrifty finds:)

    4. SarahJane says:

      Those are so great! I have some vintage ked versions, but seriously have a hard time pulling them off. You rock it. Also, I’ve seen boots similar (Coaster brand?) at Urban Outfitters for like 150 bucks. Guarantee they were thrifted.

    5. Alicia says:

      Congrats on your super thrift store find!
      I wouldn’t consider this find to be “recent”, but I thought you might appreciate it. I found some awesome kitchenware at thrift stores/flea markets a while back. The pyrex bowl is my favorite. http://onhandicraftsandcookery.blogspot.com/2010/05/thrift-store-haul-part-deux.html

    6. amanda ann says:

      I found the greatest dress today at the DI, I will get pics up on my blog soon.

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