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I feel so grown up at our new place. Last week we parked the car in the garage for the first time. EVER. We’ve never had a garage to park our car into. I’m really excited about this now that winter is rearing his ugly head. I also now have my own studio. It’s a dream come true to have a room where everything has a place (that’s coming along) and I can shut the door. Now it’s my own fault if Penelope gets into my calligraphy supplies.

The room is coming along. Last week it was an utter mess; it looked much like a hoarders disaster area. My mom kindly treated me to a little Ikea spluge for my birthday & now almost everything has its place. It’s dreamy!! It’s very functional at the moment, but not very pretty. Yet. I want to replace the nasty black rug, hang things on the walls & recover the nasty butterfly chair I inherited from my sister. I can’t wait to show it to you! Here’s a little sneak peek in the mean time.

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    1. Erin says:

      Looking good! The studio is awesome but I am totally jealous of your garage. I have never had one. Maybe someday…

    2. Katie says:

      I just love those paper boxes– I have about 10 in various spots in my apartment:)

    3. Linn says:

      hey! That ugly butterfly chair is pretty comfy if you sit in it right, with a good foot rest, it is pretty bad looking that’s why I always had a nice blanket covering it. :) I am glad it’s being put to use

    4. tiffany says:

      i am so jealous. your very own studio?! LUCKY! i’m still waiting for mine. i said that was my requirement for our next house. i need a studio/craft room/office. p.s. i have that same metal bowl/basket. how funny.

    5. julie says:

      A studio is my life goal/dream! I would love to have a room dedicated to creating and where I can be surrounded by all my fun crafty tools!

    6. marissa says:

      Yayyyy for you! A studio is something I keep angling for…maybe one day when the boys are all grow’d up. :)

    7. Heidi says:

      Awesome! I can’t wait to see more pictures! I don’t have room for an actual studio in my little apartment but I do have a little corner, er, half of my son’s room that I use for sewing and such.

    8. Carla says:

      having a garage is the best! and i can’t way to see your studio because you always know exactly how to work it out. it’s awesome.

      (and thanks for the head board. it’s working excellently in our bedroom.)

    9. Congrats on the new studio (and garage!). Tip on the garage: if you don’t already have some shelves/organization it’s definitely worth the investment. It took us over a year but our garage floor was getting a bit full. After comparing some shelves out there, a quick trip to Costco for some shelves made it’s sooooo much better in there.

    10. Zoe says:

      Yay, congrats! I am also working on organizing my new studio. I’ve found that Ikea has some super cheap metal planters or pots that are great for pencil cups and miscellaneous smaller storage. The plant versions are cheaper than everything else I’ve seen like that, around $2 if I’m remembering correctly!

      Here’s my work-in-progress studio:

      Zoe @ A Quick Study Paper Goods

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