Thrifty & Chic: Halloween Costumes


It’s been a while since I’ve done a Thrifty & Chic post!! Sheesh.

This post should really be called thrifty & lazy, because this year’s halloween costume was kind of put together lazily and at the last minute. Are you familiar with the Double Rainbow youtube video that has taken the whole world by storm? It’s hilarious. If you’re not familiar with it, stop right now & watch it before reading any further. Really.

Chris has really taken to this double rainbow video. He’s a tad obsessed with it, afterall, it’s a hoot! Last month while I was contemplating the meaning of life & what it all means I had a brilliant idea. We would dress up as double rainbow for halloween! YES! I called Chris right then & told him. He loved the idea. So what I decided was that Penelope would be the single rainbow, I would be double rainbow & Chris would be triple rainbow (it turns into a triple rainbow towards the end). We would all wear every color of the rainbow & have matching t-shirts with our corresponding rainbow names + a quote from the video.


Well, I got lazy. I did the shirts. I made sure Penelope wore every color & I pretty much got every color, but Chris sure didn’t. I thought I’d just call it good when he offered to wear his rainbow brite hoodie (another t&c item I need to share with you!) over his shirt. Meh, that works. I also had this grand plan to get a picture of us all in our rainbow amazingness, but alas, too much work. We ended up posing for a last-minute photo just before the sun went down. Not the grand reveal of the costume I had fantasized, but whatever. I’m over it. It’s practically Christmas here anyway.

Penelope wouldn’t take off her cousin’s cowboy hat for the photo without screaming. Silly Pen!

On the plus side, we all have these rad shirts that I made (using heat transfer + my Silhouette cutter) & I didn’t spend a fortune. Wanna know how much our lazy costume cost? $7. Total. Everything I used we already had on hand except for Chris’s shirt ($4) and Penelope’s rainbow pants ($2.80). Not bad. I’m really happy with how our shirts turned out. I’m definitely going to wear mine a TON. What did you do for Halloween? I’d love to see costume pics! Add your link in the comments.

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    1. meredith says:

      we were the ghostbusters and made the kid be slimer. pretty much 5 bucks. spray paint for the proton packs, a pillowcase for slimer, etc. i love Halloween with a kid, lot’s of free candy! “double rainbow!! oh my gosh!!!!!” i also love that video.

    2. Felicity says:

      Hello, your team outfit idea is so cute! I just found your blog through gifted by creature comforts. So hello!

      We did dress up I haven’t posted photos of our outfits, just the food you can view our little gathering here

      x felicity

    3. Clever idea! I made shark costumes for my dog and I. I think I paid somewhere between $11 and $12 for the material. We ended up winning a great prize at a fundraiser for the local animal shelter!

    4. Hillary says:

      My boyfriend and I were Atreyu and the Childlike Empress. Not overly cheap costumes, as the Auryn and materials were pretty expensive. But I bought a $10 thrifted dress for the base of my costume and made my skirt, headpiece, boyfriend’s vest and pouch (purse?).

      (there are some bad pics in the bunch – the timer on the photobooth was kinda wonky)

    5. Emily says:

      So cute!! My hubs (also named Chris!) is obsessed with that video, too. It borders on funny and obnoxious.

    6. brandi g says:

      haha! what a great lazy costume idea – i ALWAYS do lazy costumes.

      but seriously, have you watched the auto-tune version of the double rainbow video?? hilarious. can’t even handle it.

    7. Jill says:

      Ok, I had not seen that youtube video – so funny! I love your t-shirts. And how nice that you can wear your costume all year long. You should consider selling these on cafepress or something. I would buy one!

      I didn’t really dress up, but my daughter was a baby aerobic instructor:

      and my son was a cute skeleton:

      I love your blog. :)

    8. Lillian says:

      I love Downeast so it’s hard to say one item … I think I would want to Oh La La Overcoat in the pumice stone color. It’s so cold here that I’m mostly tempted by thick, cozy clothes right now. And I’d wear it with my skinny jeans and new western inspired boots I just bought! Woo hoo!

    9. Heather C. says:

      Great costumes! We were super heroes – but picture a 4 year old dressing up as a super hero. The only problem with the pics that I quickly uploaded (and took) is that you can’t see my totally awesome 80’s green leggings and bowling shoes. I made the capes and hair “bows” and probably spent a total of $6 on felt and fabric paint.

    10. Dianne says:

      These are cute shirts! I love the little rainbows! That Youtube video is absolutely ridiculous. He was just so happy about them! Like cryingly happy. Too much for my aching sides. ;D

    11. Kami says:

      I’m dying! I LOVE your costumes! So funny!

    12. Libby says:

      Those are hilarious.

      We went for Star Wars this year. I was happy with the results.

    13. Gina D says:

      DOUBLE RAINBOW!! I love that you took a youtube video and used it for your Halloween costume. That’s clever!

    14. AmberLee says:

      thank you for introducing me to that video.
      you three are adorable, and homemade tees are SO not a cop out.

    15. tiffany says:

      my kaye has that same rainbow pants… target right? what a cute idea for a family costume. at least you didn’t forget about halloween like i did! did you read that on my blog? i’m so lame.

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